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OMG, This Just Happened! [CLOSED]
Pyro-Spyro Gold Sparx Gems: 2858
#1 Posted: 20:19:30 04/09/2010 | Topic Creator
I was on Dragon Challenge 3, and it got to the part where the Dreadwings come. I saw two land, and I killed the first. Then I turn around to kill the other one, BUT IT WASN'T THERE!! smilie

I looked around and just gave up. It was awesome because then I just kept on collecting the purple gems and kept doing furies on nothing! smilie

Later when I was fiddling around with my Earth Flail I noticed somehow IT WAS UNDER THE FLOOR!! But it didn't die!! smilie

So I just did random furies, I think about 10, and it finally died... smilie
After that the game went back to normal... smilie DARN!!!
bionicle2809 Diamond Sparx Gems: 8297
#2 Posted: 20:23:18 04/09/2010
I would have got my cap card out if that happened smilie
ravenouscynder Ripto Gems: 864
#3 Posted: 14:07:34 05/09/2010
spyro16 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1710
#4 Posted: 04:38:03 06/09/2010
thats happened to me before.....all it is is just one of the many weird glitches in the game and another thing i have noticed about the dreadwings on the same chalange is if you hit it right after it lands it wont attack you it will just sit there.
but if you wait too long it will run off and sometimes it will land again and other times it will go "under the floor" and you will have to use youre fury on it.
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#5 Posted: 01:15:46 12/09/2010
Something similar happened to me. I saw the Dreadwing run over the edge and disappear. I had to restart the whole Challenge because of that.
spyro16 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1710
#6 Posted: 04:00:33 12/09/2010
it happend again to me last nite. i used 2 diferent furys but niether of them worked. when you cant seem to kill it with anything then just shoot an electric orb down where it went(better when fully upgraded)an explode it and that should take care of it. if you dont know where it is i would keep shooting the orbs until i get it.
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GlitchGirl Green Sparx Gems: 256
#7 Posted: 04:49:03 18/09/2010
I can't wait to see if that happens to me!!!!
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#8 Posted: 14:07:19 29/01/2011
The same thing happened to me! I had to start the whole thing over!
The good thing was I actually did it faster the second time cause I was so mad.
Just keep looking awesome...
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