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That game [CLOSED]
Umbra Yellow Sparx Gems: 1072
#1 Posted: 19:28:04 04/05/2006 | Topic Creator
I noticed that a new game has been added to the list titled "Spyro". I was wondering what this was, so I highlighted it and saw the text "The fairy dressing game". I thought it was strange, so I decided to ask. It COULD be a bug, but the chances are low. Besides for that, there is no reason for me posting it in Bugs/Suggestions.

Also, are there any "secret" forums? I noticed how this site compares with GameFAQs, and also have noticed all forum hyperlinks end with a number. I was curious and decided to input a few random (one of them being 52, hence dark52) but no avail. I wonder if there will ever been one in the future? *wink wink*
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dark52 Spyro the Admin Gems: 14016
#2 Posted: 21:06:34 04/05/2006
The Spyro game one is supposed to be there yep, and there aren't any secret forums I'm afraid. smilie smilie
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