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Guides, Extras & Bosses/FAQs (Just for fun) [CLOSED]
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#1 Posted: 07:02:37 23/05/2010 | Topic Creator
I know we already have these, but I'm making them just for fun and to answer any FAQs or problems you might have. smilie First off, Dragon Challenges.

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Dragon Challenges

Dragon challenge 1-
Stage: Temple
Average Difficulty: Easy to mild
Notes: You will not be able to switch elements during this battle- The game will randomly change your elements itself.
Enemies(in order): Ape solider, Leader Ape, Commander Ape, Death Hound
The first things you should do are either defeat the enemies as fast as possible or smash the fury gems. Either way, this shouldn't be too hard as long as you can quickly adapt to all elements. The thing I'd do is smash the fury gems, then defeat enemies, and when they come back, smash them so they come back as fast as possible, then repeat. Why so much fury? Because once the Commander Apes come, you might need it- even before then if you get low on health. As for the Death Hounds, jump over them once they attack, so they miss you, but make sure to time it right. Then you can pound away at them and repeat.


  • My elements are randomly switching and I can't change them. Why?
  • This is just an extra part of the battle to make it more challenging.

Dragon challenge 2-
Stage: Fellmuth Arena
Average Difficulty: Easy to tricky
Notes: There is a time limit of 10 minutes in this battle. There are no gems.
Enemies(in order): Pirate Scavenger, Pirate Leader, Pirate Commander, Blunder Tail
You shouldn't need 10 minutes to complete this challenge. It might take a while if you keep falling off the edges. Unlike the previous rounds, you can swap elements. Just keep in mind the time limit and avoid falling off the edges. The enemies in this challenge are all Skabb's minions. Also, there are no gems, so try to save as much magic as possible for the stronger enemies.

  • I keep falling off the edge and can't complete the challenge. Any advice?
  • Avoid being clustered and pushed off by enemies. If you can glide back, do that. If you still can't finish the challenge, you might want to practice by playing the actual game.
  • My time limit keeps running out, can you help?
  • Defeat enemies as fast as possible. You might need practice. Just make sure to keep the above answer ensured.

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#2 Posted: 07:09:13 23/05/2010
best friends: GamingMaster_76 & ElectricDragons smilie
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#3 Posted: 07:21:48 23/05/2010 | Topic Creator
Thanks. I will make more soon. smilie
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#4 Posted: 07:28:09 23/05/2010
best friends: GamingMaster_76 & ElectricDragons smilie
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Dragon Challenge 3-
Stage: Well of Souls
Average Difficulty: Mild to Hard
Notes: Avoid falling off the edges- Death Hounds are good at knocking you off, unless you avoid them or you're far from the edge.
Enemies(in order): Fortress Soldier, Teleporting Leader, Death Hound, Invisible Commander, Dreadwing
In this battle, you need to kill every enemy. It's simple if you're good at avoiding falling off the edges, but if you're not, you might need to be prepared to... smash your remote. Also, keep an eye out for Teleporting Leaders about halfway through, and Invisible Commanders and Death Hounds near the end. The Dreadwings can also be bad but they're not as big a worry.
  • I keep falling off!!! Any ideas?
  • You might need practice. Keep an eye on the edge of the arena, which is where you battled Gaul. Try staying near the middle and for enemies more likely to knock you off you might want to use a Fury if you can.
  • I can't defeat the Teleporting Leaders and Invisible Commanders, can you give me help?
  • For Teleporting Leaders, you can either do combos as powerful as possible or defeat the other enemies first. With the Invisible Commanders, you can see a faint outline and their shadow so just hit them as hard as possible.

    Dragon Challenge 4-
    Stage: Concurrent Skies
    Average Difficulty: Mild to Hard
    Notes: This stage is actually a cameo for a level in the prequel of this game, The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning! They've made it so that you can't use Dragon Time so it feels more like The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning, where Spyro didn't know that ability. Players who dislike Dreadwings and electric barriers will strongly dislike this stage.
    Enemies(in order): Cynder Soldier, Cynder Leader, Death Hound, Dreadwing, Cynder Commander
    Note that this time you can't use Dragon Time. So this might be hard for people who use dragon time. Anyway, first up are some Cynder Soldiers, followed by Cynder Leaders, Then quite unexpectedly Death Hounds and eventually Dreadwings. Finally, Cynder Leaders with a nasty shockwave attack are thrown in. Just keep an eye on your health because even the electric barriers damage your health.

  • Why did I fall off the arena?
  • This is a random glitch that may occur. You might need to restart the challenge.
  • I need advice for the Dreadwings, can you help?
  • Pound them with the most powerful attacks you can use. It'll be easier once you defeat them. You may also want to save magic for these powerful enemies. Just keep in mind the electric barriers and any other enemies around you.

    Dragon Challenge 5-
    Stage: Celestial Temple
    Average Difficulty: Mild to Tricky
    Notes: There are a lot of enemies here and you can get knocked off the edge so be careful.
    Enemies(in order): COMING SOON...

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    #6 Posted: 09:47:35 23/05/2010
    Great guides to the Dragon Challenges!
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    #7 Posted: 09:50:09 23/05/2010 | Topic Creator
    Thanks. smilie I find them more helpful then dark's(Not complaining dark) because they actually offer hints, give a quick overview and answer FAQs, whereas dark's simply tell you the enemies and any extra notes.
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    #8 Posted: 09:51:39 23/05/2010
    Yeah, I agree (no offense dark smilie).
    you don't know me. i break things
    I draw stuff.
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    #9 Posted: 23:55:17 31/05/2010
    Nice guides dude
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    #10 Posted: 21:45:54 01/06/2010 | Topic Creator
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    #11 Posted: 22:33:19 01/06/2010
    This is great! smilie
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