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Customation and Leveling Up? [CLOSED]
Mortalinsect Fodder
#1 Posted: 18:56:22 19/04/2006
I was wondering with the news that we have received about spyro able to be customized.......In what way do you think we will be able to customate him........I hope we get to put clothing on him or something new....and also would you like to see him level up like till level 100 or something, it would not seem like spyro, but it is something new and spyro needs to change in gamplay as well....what do you think..
Ross Gold Sparx Gems: 2159
#2 Posted: 16:10:17 20/04/2006
How about also keeping him ok.


>Finding food for him
>Finding drink for him
>Putting him to sleep
>Give him good excersise
>Wear air-conditioned jacket in hot places
>Overdress in cold places
>Kill diseases and illnesses
>Wear spacesuit in space

How about that?
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Mortalinsect Green Sparx Gems: 402
#3 Posted: 21:39:41 20/04/2006
hahahaha, funny, are you being sarcastic, anyways it would not be bad....
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the red fox Green Sparx Gems: 493
#4 Posted: 02:40:22 14/05/2006
Thats... gasp.... !!!!!!!!!RPG!!!!!!!!!
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jamieque Fodder
#5 Posted: 18:39:09 04/08/2006
Actually, it is RPG-like but not fully a RPG. I really don't think this game is going to do exactly what Universal thinks it's going to do. Many fans only see the coolness factor of the reboot but I like many of the older fans think that this game is a slap in the face to all the hard work that Insomiac Games did to bring the little guy to life in the first place.

For all of you who think THE LEGEND OF SPYRO: A NEW BEGINNING is cool let me give you some very good advice. Don't get your hopes up to much. I like Spyro but I also know just how careless Universal Games have been with their handling of him. I don't see A New Beginning so much as a new beginning as it is raising the white flag on the original series that they never properly handled or developed correctly anyway. Do any of you honestly believe that they will be able to do an consistent storyline even with the reboot without somehow screwing up along the way. Sorry if I sound harsh but I have very little faith in Universal Games to do Spyro justice anymore. They mucked up the original storyline that was gift-wrapped and handed to them. Instead of trying to make something decent and good out of the original story they toss it out in favor of something new. Its official they have sold Spyro out. Don't believe me take a look at the cast big name actors who are going to be voicing them and ask yourself if this new storyline will be any better then current one. If they need big name actors to do the voice roles the story probably is all that impressive.

Sorry, but the coolness factor isn't enough for me to satisfied with this new alterverse Spyro game. I will buy it to support the franchise but that doesn't change the fact that I am royally pissed off at the total lack of creativity that UG has shown over the years. They threw away a storyline filled with such potential and promise to do one of their own. No no no... hell no. How stupid can you be? Don't try and fix what isn't broken? Obviously, they never learned that lesson otherwise they wouldn't have pulled off a stunt like this.
Umbra Yellow Sparx Gems: 1072
#6 Posted: 05:54:39 06/08/2006
This is not The Sims -- I don't want to feed Spyro. Keep in mind that this is an ADVENTURE game, thus only permits adventurous gameplay ideas.
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jamieque Fodder
#7 Posted: 17:26:07 06/08/2006
Uh, excuse me but you misunderstand my point. I am aware that this IS AN ADVENTURE GAME! I am fully aware of that fact but what I am saying is that this isn't the way to handle a mistake. The original storyline had plenty of good adventures left in it. This reboot isn't necessary or very smart. There were so many good ideas for adventures that are not just being tossed away for nothing. This isn't the Sims I am talking about at all so please don't say that.

The only REAL reason I can see for this to happen is because VG wants to make Spyro fully theirs. By doing this stunt I feel like they purposely mucked up the original storyline because it wasn't theirs. Insomiac Games created the world, the storylines and all the characters including Spyro himself. VG or as they were known at the time UG didn't do much of anything in that department.

Now after running the original plotline into the ground they decide to start over. Think about THAT fact before making comment like that again. If you want Adventure then that is fine. I want Adventure too but I think it was very stupid on their part to throw away a perfectly good storyline for a reboot. That is how I feel and you have to admit that I do make a valid point. Read up on some of the original story and you will see that there was plenty of excellent material left to tell more stories with. They just didn't want to use it simply because it wasn't their ideas.
me Fodder
#8 Posted: 16:22:09 19/08/2006
Gee, jamieque!!! You don't have to bite people's heads off b/c YOU don't like thier comment!!! I liked da comment!!!
the red fox Green Sparx Gems: 493
#9 Posted: 01:24:00 03/10/2006
Is there a problem that you have with Australian game producers?
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Brazilian Spyro Emerald Sparx Gems: 3675
#10 Posted: 11:59:35 13/12/2006
I think too, this is starting some confusion here so, stop it
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Lover of Spyro Yellow Sparx Gems: 1831
#11 Posted: 09:19:41 02/01/2007
i thought that jamieque's comment was VERY complecated!
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