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Help me, dark52 [CLOSED]
BlinktheCookie Fodder
#1 Posted: 21:28:43 26/12/2007
I just got out of cliff town escorting bandit to dragon village and
a yeti killed me. I went back to Bandit and now he won't budge.
I've tried everything!!!
Night Owl Yellow Sparx Gems: 1942
#2 Posted: 14:24:13 21/06/2008
turn the DS off and start again
Back from hibernation.
Forgotten World Platinum Sparx Gems: 5031
#3 Posted: 16:11:33 21/06/2008
well this game is acually filled with bugs, smilie this is the only way I can help you.
Life's a struggle, but when you die, it's how you handle life.
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