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Flower Teleporting Trick [CLOSED]
Unbirthday Spyro Ripto Gems: 67
#1 Posted: 13:13:17 14/04/2006 | Topic Creator
To Find Flower Teleporters. Go To Banana Savannah Primate Plantation, Rhynoc's N' Clocks Rhynoc Retreat Or Professor' Secret Lab Professer's Zoo. You Can Go In The First Time If You Like But It May Take You To The Wrong Area That You Want To Be At. Flame The Flower Teleporter Changer Plant With Fire Or SuperFire, Then It May Be Open Or Closed, If It's Open Go In It And You'll Go To Your Area. If It's Closed, Don't Worry. Just Flame The Flower Teleporter Changer Plant Again And It Might Be Open For The Ones That The First Fame When It Was Closed!! It Will Be Closed It It Was Open The First Time You Flamed It. Again, Whe It's Open, Go In It To Get To A Hard-To-Reach Area!!!
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