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Using Mole Hats As Platforms [CLOSED]
Unbirthday Spyro Ripto Gems: 67
#1 Posted: 12:58:47 14/04/2006 | Topic Creator
To Find Mole Hats. Go To The Rabbit Habbit Land Of Wonder And Amazement, Dragon Shores Dragon Coast, Chateau Ripto Ripto's Grand Expanse Or Professor's Secret Lab Professor's Zoo. Just Use Lightgning Or SuperLightning On The Mole Hat And The Moles Go Down. Jump Into The Mole Hat Then Wait A Few Seconds... The Mole Punches You Out And You Go Flying, Go To A High Platform With The Control Pad And You Have Done The Using Mole Hats As Platforms Trick

Favorite Spyro Game: Attack Of The Rhynocs
Favorite Spyro Character: Spyro
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