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#1 Posted: 03:18:36 02/04/2006 | Topic Creator
I've noticed that the Spyro: Gateway to Glimmer forum has topics in post in it, but for the "Last Post" column beside it, it says "No Posts". So, I checked the last post posted on it, and found it was 3/13/06. I then checked the others, and found out that it is the last post posted on any forum. Right now it's 4/1/06, so I think that a forum not posted in for 19-20 days is "deleted" from the status, however, is still there. Also, two other forums haven't been posted in since 3/14/06, so if my theory is correct, they should display "No Posts" under the "Last Post" column as well (unless someone posts in them until then). This topic is very confusing as I read over it, but I'm sure you can figure out my point.
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#2 Posted: 14:19:59 02/04/2006
Yeah, in running a script last night I accidently did that, couldn't figure out why it did that and as it was late I didn't do anything to fix it. If I can find out what went wrong I'll fix it, if not then, well, it'll just have to stay like that until someone posts something. Nice job spotting it though.

EDIT: I believe that should have fixed it.
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