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what made you play spyro [CLOSED]
Skyhunter Diamond Sparx Gems: 8923
#101 Posted: 15:45:15 11/07/2012
It came with the PlayStation I had since I was three.
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JetH7 Blue Sparx Gems: 827
#102 Posted: 01:16:04 17/07/2012
I played the demo for StD on Crash: Warped, but after I got rid of my PS I forgot aobut the purple dragon, then about a year ago some one on a StarFox form I follow started talking about TLoS. I remembered playing Spyro back on the PS and thought it might be cool to play again, so I bought ANB and became a huge Spyro fan.
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MissBarghest Green Sparx Gems: 333
#103 Posted: 22:35:20 17/07/2012
Saw it advertised on Neopets and got it for Christmas because I wanted it so much. Loved him ever since. :')
Todorov_T_11 Green Sparx Gems: 282
#104 Posted: 22:47:54 17/07/2012
It was one of the first game i played on a PS.
kinda never really stop playing the games as years went on.
skulldragon95 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1634
#105 Posted: 18:05:05 12/08/2012
my mom got the family a playstation n got tomb raider III it had demo of spyro and i played it n loved the spyro games since
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LegendaryFlames Emerald Sparx Gems: 3791
#106 Posted: 17:08:37 03/10/2012
Well I was little and for Christmas I got a Play Statation 2! I really liked it but wanted more games. My dad went to a car boot and bought home some stuff and a new Playstation game! I thought it looked intresting because it had a purple dragon and a moon (yes it was Eternal Night) I played it but kept dieing but I still liked it. I was one day on the computer and typed in "Spyro" and it came up with other games... I wanted them and got them and then thats how I became a massive Spyro fan! smilie
Its also how I got Spore. It came up with pictures of Spyro in spore and I wanted Spore so I could make a Spyro. Now I'm really famous on spore smilie
smilie@Jetbytes everywhere elsesmilie
Purple n Spyro Ripto Gems: 1096
#107 Posted: 21:11:40 03/10/2012
I must thank my older sister (who nolonger comes on as Pinkie) for introducing me to the series.
Wojowu Yellow Sparx Gems: 1415
#108 Posted: 13:07:48 04/10/2012
Ok, so maybe it is time for me to tell my true story smilie I started with Crash: Warped and I find such polygonal games cool. Once, from one games magazine, I got demo disk, containing many games, including GtG. Later (somehow) I got YotD pirate disk, then original one, later there were EtD, AHT, StD, and TLoS trilogy. That's all!
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spyrobeta Green Sparx Gems: 237
#109 Posted: 18:48:11 03/11/2012
It was my first game ever. smilie
Spyro Classic Fan forever. I highly despise Activision and Skylanders. Problem? Shove it.
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