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what made you play spyro [CLOSED]
im blowhard Blue Sparx Gems: 541
#1 Posted: 17:52:12 21/12/2009 | Topic Creator
i just heard about ANB then started playing
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xx chloebabez Yellow Sparx Gems: 1087
#2 Posted: 17:58:32 21/12/2009
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alicecarp Prismatic Sparx Gems: 12760
#3 Posted: 19:31:14 21/12/2009
My sister first played Spyro 3 when I was about 8 and I always used to watch her play it. That's what made me interested in the Spyro series.
dingodile555 Gold Sparx Gems: 2674
#4 Posted: 20:25:05 21/12/2009
I heard there was a boss called "Blowhard" and thought he sounded pretty gangsta.
spyro77 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1703
#5 Posted: 11:58:17 30/04/2010
my brother had GTG and i played it oncee and i fell in love with the game ao for chrismas i got a play station to play it and now i got 11 games and ever sice then spyro was my fav game to play.also,i was in second grade wen i started now im 14 nothing rilly changed
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Sheep Gold Sparx Gems: 2009
#6 Posted: 12:03:42 30/04/2010
Some friends of me had Spyro 2 and I and my brother thought it looked fun. My brother then got Spyro 3 for christmas. That's when I started playing.
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GamingMaster_76 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1271
#7 Posted: 00:56:44 01/05/2010
My sister had YoTD so she showed me and I played it.
Spyroo Blue Sparx Gems: 867
#8 Posted: 01:29:12 01/05/2010
I just saw the original Spyro the Dragon game in a Blockbuster rental store shortly after it was released, and being a lover of dragons/dinosaurs thought 'Oooh, cool!'
Rented it, then got it bought as a gift the next day. Followed him ever since.
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DarkCynder10 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3346
#9 Posted: 05:11:09 02/05/2010
I was like four when I started. 8D My older brother was playing the first one, and when he went somewhere, I messed around with it. smilie Then I became obsessed! smilie
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Superspyrodude Blue Sparx Gems: 792
#10 Posted: 18:10:28 03/05/2010
My cousins had a Playstation Underground disc with the original demo.
Then one of my other cousins let me play the full game.
He gave it to me later on.
Then I got Ripto's Rage for Christmas, loved it too.
It was actually about four years later that I got YotD.

Then, I got completely addicted to it (kept dreaming about it), so I gave them away.

Five years later, I decided I wanted the games again.
So I tracked the first and third down on Amazon, and got the second at a game store.

Now I have all three plus the music on my iPod to boot.

I don't dream about Spyro anymore, but I still love the games.
I'm a music composer!
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dingodile555 Gold Sparx Gems: 2674
#11 Posted: 19:53:22 05/05/2010
I played the demos in the Crash Bandicoot PS1 games
Ice Dragoness Diamond Sparx Gems: 7896
#12 Posted: 19:11:15 08/05/2010
I went round a friends house and played it there.
SuperSpyroFan Diamond Sparx Gems: 9224
#13 Posted: 19:26:51 08/05/2010
My Dad bought a PlayStation magazine from the sweet shop and it had a free demo CD, so we played it and I found Spyro The Dragon on there, I played it and loved it.
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Spyros Dagger Yellow Sparx Gems: 1495
#14 Posted: 02:56:04 09/05/2010
Mah mommy bought it for meh! smilie
Miles Tails Gold Sparx Gems: 2059
#15 Posted: 13:20:55 09/05/2010
lol, my mom showed me the games when I was a little kid, and I just got hooked, nothing more to it.
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Dante70 Ripto Gems: 0
#16 Posted: 22:20:32 13/05/2010
I was four or three when I saw a commercial for Spyro. I loved Dragons and it reminded me of Mario.
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Spyros Dagger Yellow Sparx Gems: 1495
#17 Posted: 00:20:46 14/05/2010
Like Mario? No way. Good thing he/she's riptoed!
dingodile555 Gold Sparx Gems: 2674
#18 Posted: 01:36:09 14/05/2010
It's nothing like Mario.
ravenouscynder Ripto Gems: 864
#19 Posted: 19:27:07 14/05/2010
saw it on an advert and said ''ya know why not?'' first spyro game i ever got:AHT
The Gunslinger Ripto Gems: 477
#20 Posted: 01:56:07 19/05/2010
I liked dragons at the time. It was during my early poke-fever when I was sleeping with Charizard and Dragonite. I loved dragons, saw a game with a dragon main character. I thought it was unique and never seen I so play it.
Riala Red Sparx Gems: 66
#21 Posted: 04:50:28 30/05/2010
The commercial for Spyro when I was 7, when I couldn't get it, I played the Demo on Crash Bandicoot 3 like crazy. Still know the code by heart and I am 19.
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Azul10166 Green Sparx Gems: 397
#22 Posted: 19:04:48 30/05/2010
My aunt got the first game when I was four.
Okami FTW.
Along with Spyro and some other things... smilie
Dark Man Yellow Sparx Gems: 1128
#23 Posted: 17:45:25 07/06/2010
My friend got it me for my birthday so me and him played it but he was rubish. smilie
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PsychoBlaster Blue Sparx Gems: 647
#24 Posted: 23:33:42 15/06/2010
It just looked awesome

bacon Red Sparx Gems: 36
#25 Posted: 23:38:18 15/06/2010
I got GtG first because I just saw it in the store, then I got YotD, then I went back to the first one. I got EtD when it came out and played it for two hours and gave up on it. And I got hero's tail when it came out and played it all the way through in about two days and got 100% two days later.

I got LoS games just recently because I decided to catch up on what I missed. I also got SL and beat it in two seconds.
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Pyro girl Yellow Sparx Gems: 1752
#26 Posted: 07:40:30 23/06/2010
Iwatched my Uncle play it when I was about eight and I had always loved Dragons so I wanted to play it for myself. So, I went out with my mum and rented it from Blockbusters and I had been hooked ever since. I then got the full game for myself a couple of months later smilie.
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Sparky5 Blue Sparx Gems: 809
#27 Posted: 21:11:08 31/12/2010
I was at my sister's house and I saw the first 3 games and was curious to see what they were about. Btw, I was about 4 or 5 then.
NEW_SpyroLUVA Emerald Sparx Gems: 3308
#28 Posted: 01:36:51 01/01/2011
My brother and I really wanted a PS1, and we got it for christmas, plus one game each. I got Barbie Race and Ride and my brother got Spyro the Dragon. I wanted to try his game and as soon as I did I was quite taken with it, to say the least. And the rest, as they say, is history. smilie
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spyro14ever Green Sparx Gems: 374
#29 Posted: 04:42:54 01/01/2011
My parents got me a PS1 and soon got me Spyro 1. It became one of my all-time faves. smilie
Dawn of the Dragon is the best Spyro game since the original trilogy.
Better? No.
Awesome? Yes.
Queen_Cynder Yellow Sparx Gems: 1694
#30 Posted: 04:51:50 01/01/2011
I got a ps1 for my b-day but I didn't have any games. So a friend got me the first Spyro game and... well... the rest is history!
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ClassicSpyro Green Sparx Gems: 488
#31 Posted: 13:01:00 01/01/2011
My dad let me play on his playstation-2 and Spyro-YoTD was my first game smilie
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Malefor0001 Gold Sparx Gems: 2365
#32 Posted: 00:46:29 03/01/2011
I played the Demo after playing Abes Oddworld and wanted to beat my brothers score.
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nmazuchowski Green Sparx Gems: 186
#33 Posted: 04:44:34 23/01/2011
I was visiting my cousins once and one of them was playing the second skating level in Spyro 3 and I fell in love with the games and had my parents get me the complete boxed set for Easter
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tiske Blue Sparx Gems: 865
#34 Posted: 21:36:14 28/01/2011
i like dragons, favorite color is purple, and then started the first game and fell in love
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Pyro girl Yellow Sparx Gems: 1752
#35 Posted: 23:46:16 28/01/2011
I watched my Uncle play the first one he rented it when I was about 8 or 9. I then saw it on the shelf in Blockbusters and rented it for myself and with the jazzy music, colourful characters and fun gameplay, I was hooked ever since smilie
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Burning Gnorc Emerald Sparx Gems: 3463
#36 Posted: 15:04:20 29/01/2011
Because I owned a lot of the other Spyro games and wanted to play the original.

Also, old Spyro is a lot like Mario, moreso than most series. :3
Lila-the-dragon Blue Sparx Gems: 762
#37 Posted: 23:27:39 29/01/2011
When my aunt came from england, when i was about 3-4, i think she either brought over this game, or bought it for my cousin. Its a big blur, i dont think i even remember the first time playing this. But it was a big obsession for me...o_o
Omikron Dragon Gold Sparx Gems: 2227
#38 Posted: 13:55:47 03/02/2011
I heard a soundtrack first and it made me to play GtG interestedly.
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FlamingSheep Yellow Sparx Gems: 1041
#39 Posted: 23:47:19 15/02/2011
Stumbled upon the game(Spyro 2 to be precise) on chance the boxart attracted attention I think plus the fact Dragon! when getting the PS1 console and was a selection of two games(Spyro 2 and Evo's Space Adventures A.k.a A watered down port of Space Station Silicon Valley )me and my sister choose sometime in March 2001 or 2002.
KZomb Yellow Sparx Gems: 1895
#40 Posted: 19:51:21 16/02/2011
My dad used to be subscribed to OPSM, and would get demo discs for upcoming games in the mail.

One of the discs had a demo of the very first Spyro the Dragon, and being a huge dragon fan when I was a kid, I jumped at that.

And I've been a fan ever since.
Stormy Gold Sparx Gems: 2624
#41 Posted: 22:15:48 16/02/2011
Played it at a friend's house and just had to buy it after I got a Playstation.
Nuum Wistala Green Sparx Gems: 160
#42 Posted: 03:42:13 06/03/2011
We got demo disks and StD was one of them, so my father opted to purchase it for the whole family.

I then played the original at the lovely age of six but I was too scared to go into... any of the levels except for the Artisan's Homeworld and Town Square. I then forced my father into playing it so I could watch and proceeded to get "un-scared" and just played it by myself.

I've now reached the point where I can beat all of the PS1 games and the LoS series 100% in one day per title. I keep losing my Gameboy/DS titles, and I can't be bothered to put up with EtD long enough to finish it. A Hero's Tail has the same exact missing Light Gem every time I play it, so I've simply given up on it. Other than that, I've played and beaten every title there is.

I need to buy a new PS1 memory card on Ebay so I'm not forced to play the original titles in one day - our old one just quit working.
CAV Platinum Sparx Gems: 6253
#43 Posted: 05:58:19 06/03/2011
From what I remember StD was simply there, in my house. So I picked it up and played it. And I loved it. Odds are I played it before, but I can't remember it for the life of me.
SpyroFanatic101 Blue Sparx Gems: 851
#44 Posted: 06:24:33 06/03/2011
my first i had an STD copy from my girlfriend
Meant to sound wrong
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sonicbrawler182 Platinum Sparx Gems: 7098
#45 Posted: 13:10:27 06/03/2011
A neighbour had it, and when I was staying in their house one day, and they let me play their Playstation. The game I decided to play was Spyro the Dragon, and I loved it.
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Cynder985 Ripto Gems: 425
#46 Posted: 00:43:48 23/03/2011
Back when my brother first got his PlayStation, the first Spyro game popped out of my head and I told my mom to go and buy it for me. When I got out of school, my mom bought the game for me and started playing it after I got back home. One of the best games I've played back in the day. smilie
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Kitty Platinum Sparx Gems: 5106
#47 Posted: 01:38:22 23/03/2011
Crash Bandicoot: Warped had a demo of Spyro the Dragon. I played the demo, completing it 100%, over and over until I got the game. Then I became hooked at bought the sequels.
semp123 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3232
#48 Posted: 03:59:30 23/03/2011
I heard about AHT on a promotional website advertised on Neopets back when I went on there (long time ago).
Ahaila Yellow Sparx Gems: 1954
#49 Posted: 19:20:41 13/07/2011
That was one of my cousins birthday and he get a PlayStation and some games. There was also Spyro: Year of the Dragon. When I saw the cover of the game I knew that would be something good. And I was right! Cousin started to play it and this game was so cool.
Fireball Emerald Sparx Gems: 3156
#50 Posted: 19:26:53 13/07/2011
OblivionSkull21, up and coming indie developer
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