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GBA Dragon Relic Trouble [CLOSED]
V Fodder
#1 Posted: 03:09:44 12/11/2007
I'm having trouble getting what I believe is an Energy Upgrade in Outer Grove. It's in the cave area, to the left. There's a viny wall, and it's on a high ledge. The closest I've gotten to it is a double wall jump off the same wall, but I still don't have the height to reach it.

Can someone help?
Zerodius Yellow Sparx Gems: 1194
#2 Posted: 03:20:18 12/11/2007
You have to return to this stage after you have obtained the Wall Climb ability ; it cannot be obtained until then.
V Fodder
#3 Posted: 03:39:16 12/11/2007
Ah, thanks. *Sigh* I just wasted about half an hour trying to get up.
Zerodius Yellow Sparx Gems: 1194
#4 Posted: 05:32:27 12/11/2007
Well, I don't blame you for trying ; although it isn't a true Metroid-like like, say, the recent Castlevania games, TEN still allow you to do a bit of sequence breaking ; through careful use of mid-air charges and wall jumps, you can obtain most upgrades ahead of the time you're meant to get them.

The only ones that actually require back-tracking are those locked behind elemental doors... and two upgrades. One in stage 2 (the underground vine one you described) and one on stage 3 on the very top of the last section before the stage end boss (you'll know it when you run into it). Both of these upgrades require you to use the wall climb ability which you get, by the way, at stage 4, near the end of the game so you might not get those for a while. Still, be sure to actually go and get them before setting foot in stage 5 and facing off against the last bosses ; the last bosses are a serious challenge, especially on Hard mode so every bit will help.

Have a nice day and enjoy the game!
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