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Dragonfly X high score [CLOSED]
Sheep Gold Sparx Gems: 2009
#1 Posted: 12:57:13 07/09/2009 | Topic Creator
When you have completed the game 100%, you can play in Dragonfly X.
What is your best score?

My current high score is 13770.
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SpyroGamer2008 Emerald Sparx Gems: 4203
#2 Posted: 21:51:28 22/11/2009
I haven't beaten this game yet. I still have a lot to do in this game. (I'm only at the Spring Fairy Home World.) But when I do finish this game, I'll try Dragonfly X and see what my overall best high score is. It might be a while, but it won't be too long before I finally am able to finish this game.
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ravenouscynder Ripto Gems: 864
#3 Posted: 15:31:23 10/05/2010
i got a cheat code for this.
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