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Is it worth it.....? [CLOSED]
spyroGalNicoleX Yellow Sparx Gems: 1582
#1 Posted: 09:55:07 21/08/2009 | Topic Creator
Is this game actually worth me buying it i want it but i dont know whether to get it smilie views please smilie
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Tango Yellow Sparx Gems: 1967
#2 Posted: 12:20:05 21/08/2009
Hell yeah! One of teh best Spyro games I've played!

It has good combat:
Lots of different types but not to many and it's not just button pressing, you have to use your brain to defeat some enimies.

It has a good storyline:
Creepy and mysterious with a good ending and a good beggining. It has both humour and darkness, making it funny and dark at the same time.

It has good gameplay:
The control's are easy to use and the upgrade's for the attacks are mostly very good. (One or two are a bit rubbish) There are loads of challenges and stuff to do so you never get bored.

The dragosn themselves may not look as good (Spyro included...actually, Spyro mostly) but the backrounds and objects look very good. Nice colours and good textures to make it look realistic AND mystical.

The game is hard in very few parts. CHALLENGING in many ways, but not hard and frustating. It's not to easy at the beggining and the are all sorts of different things you have to do in which you will have to think about as well as attacking enimies. The enimies are challenging to kill and can give intresting results when you do.

Overall, I give this game a 99/100
dingodile555 Gold Sparx Gems: 2674
#3 Posted: 20:35:00 21/08/2009
If you have a DS, then, yep, it's the best Spyro game on it.
cynder21 Gold Sparx Gems: 2214
#4 Posted: 19:05:23 25/08/2009
pretty good game, i'd get it if you have some free time
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Crush Gold Sparx Gems: 2812
#5 Posted: 07:18:31 28/08/2009
I think it pretty good.
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