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You know those caves under the holes? [CLOSED]
NEW_SpyroLUVA Emerald Sparx Gems: 3308
#1 Posted: 16:10:50 11/08/2009 | Topic Creator
Sometimes in Shadow Legacy when you light a torch, burn a plant or move a rck you find a hole. When you enter the hole there is sometimes torches, an egg, and there is always a Shadow Realm Pad. Sometimes when you enter the shadow realm there are enemies to fight and when you defeat them you see white sparklies appear at the back of the cave. When you re enter the Real World there is nothing there where the sparkles appeared. What do the sparkles mean/Why are they there?
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Tango Gold Sparx Gems: 2076
#2 Posted: 16:58:19 11/08/2009
Glitch I guess, sometimes a treasure chest apperars after the sparkles.
Light dragon Green Sparx Gems: 457
#3 Posted: 20:57:39 20/08/2009
Yeah I always wonder what the white sparkles mean
Earth Terrador Blue Sparx Gems: 778
#4 Posted: 11:24:33 31/08/2009
So do I
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Cynderfyre Emerald Sparx Gems: 3813
#5 Posted: 16:36:34 15/09/2009
Me three or four, I always go up to check.
Sitan ali dinamitan
Bolt Hunter Gems: 6113
#6 Posted: 08:28:18 13/06/2010
Yeah, I want to know...
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GamingMaster_76 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1271
#7 Posted: 10:32:42 13/06/2010
Meant to make chest appear but glitches...
Bolt Hunter Gems: 6113
#8 Posted: 08:48:46 14/06/2010
Yep, I doesn't work...
you don't know me. i break things
I draw stuff.
alicecarp Prismatic Sparx Gems: 12226
#9 Posted: 19:49:10 14/06/2010
I noticed those sparkles too. I thought those holes were just for training and collecting gems because of all the shadow enemies you can find under there.
GlitchGirl Green Sparx Gems: 256
#10 Posted: 19:03:16 19/08/2010
Something like that happened to me! Exept there was a chest! In the back on a ledge. I couldn't glide yet, so I quickly got the ability, and when I went back, it was gone! I think it's a teleporting chest and you have to find it and you'll get a suprise or somtin'
Heart the Warp Dragoness <3
Ice Dragoness Diamond Sparx Gems: 7896
#11 Posted: 15:37:31 28/08/2010
I really want to know, perhaps the game developers forgot to put the prize in smilie
Lila-the-dragon Blue Sparx Gems: 762
#12 Posted: 21:31:11 29/08/2010
Ikr? Like i found alot of those, and they were so pointless.
bash fan Emerald Sparx Gems: 4384
#13 Posted: 12:12:16 18/06/2012
I think the sparkles mean you get more XP after battle?
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whirlwind fan Platinum Sparx Gems: 5532
#14 Posted: 09:38:47 21/06/2012
Quote: Light dragon
Yeah I always wonder what the white sparkles mean

So do I.
Eevee88 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3979
#15 Posted: 04:00:47 24/01/2013
i never defeted that place or whatever your are talking about
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SamXala Gold Sparx Gems: 2398
#16 Posted: 04:51:42 25/01/2013
I remember that sparkles, I think it's a bug from the game. Anyway, I have to play that game again soon...
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X-Treme Ripto Gems: 360
#17 Posted: 05:22:06 28/01/2013
I really have to play this again......
LegendaryFlames Emerald Sparx Gems: 3582
#18 Posted: 18:47:57 09/02/2013
I never find enemys in it smilie
Only once...
smilie@Jetbytes everywhere elsesmilie
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