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spyro sliding and yelling [CLOSED]
death horn Ripto Gems: 311
#1 Posted: 13:06:46 29/07/2009 | Topic Creator
in the lighting room theres a pond with ice on it and wen he runs and stops on the pond he slids and looks like hes yelling i loldsmiliesmiliesmiliesmiliesmilie
Poppy Ripto Gems: 1021
#2 Posted: 13:08:12 29/07/2009
He does that in A New Beginning too.
I find it cute when he does that.
DARK CINDER Ripto Gems: 1062
#3 Posted: 13:08:29 29/07/2009
????????? what
death horn Ripto Gems: 311
#4 Posted: 13:12:30 29/07/2009 | Topic Creator
it,s funny 2 smilie
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