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This year's GBA game. [CLOSED]
Legendary Red Sparx Gems: 27
#1 Posted: 01:07:57 09/10/2007 | Topic Creator
Has anyone played it? What do you think of it so far, I want to know! How is it in general? What do you like or dislike about it, without giving away really important story stuff.

EternalSpyro Yellow Sparx Gems: 1907
#2 Posted: 03:51:02 09/10/2007
I'd say best GBA game in terms of graphics, as they were awesome for an old handheld. And the gameplay takes a while to get use to (for doing big combos) but it is smooth and really enjoyable.

TEN on gba doesn't come out in 24 days from where I am but I have a psp and I am playing it on that, with an emulator smilie
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Rexy Yellow Sparx Gems: 1313
#3 Posted: 15:17:58 09/10/2007
I'm tempted to go down the emulator route but there's no way I'm doing that if the game receives high appraisal (in which in that case I'll be more encouraged to get the cartridge!). I'm still waiting for the Wii version, personally.
Meatwad Fodder
#4 Posted: 20:35:34 10/10/2007
I really liked it. Most fun action game I played in a long time. Even if it wasn't spyro game. I hope to see more like it.
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