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Help... Already [CLOSED]
spyro_lover17 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1398
#1 Posted: 02:43:31 08/10/2007 | Topic Creator
Please someone help im at the first boss of eternal night and i cant beat him HELP
Razz Platinum Sparx Gems: 5962
#2 Posted: 05:31:03 08/10/2007
Which boss is that? Arborak (the tree thing)?
somebody Fodder
#3 Posted: 09:07:59 08/10/2007
Gaul - 3 phases - first phase - Run away from him for most of the fight, as their is only one good opportunity to attack him - when he does his jumping attack. his other attacks are fairly predictable and shouldn't be much trouble. For his jumping attack, he will do 5 jumps, so avoid all the green waves they send out. occassionally his position will cause him to land on you even though you're running, and if he lands on you it'll one hit you if you have too few relics (I think 4 would let you survive one hit). So it avoid that, keep changing direction during the attack and if he gets too close, slow time early to get away from him. when his fifth hit comes in, make sure you are close to him, start slow time and begin attacking him. continue until he is defeated.

phase 2 - again, only one attack to really worry about, his eye beam, as his other attacks are quite easy to dodge. you only want to attack him with dark breath, and make sure to hold down square when you use it to conserve magic. To avoid his eye beam - only get more magic from the gems when he's spinning or dropping fireballs from the sky, stay away from the edge as much as possible and switch to slow time after every one of his attacks in case it's a beam attack. Also, his beam will alway fire in front of you ie. if your running to the left, it will fire just to your left, so change direction between each attack he makes.

phase 3 - press R2 (don't laugh, I lost to him the first time i tried)
spyro_lover17 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1398
#4 Posted: 12:43:20 08/10/2007 | Topic Creator
ta the treee thing
spyro_lover17 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1398
#5 Posted: 13:43:43 08/10/2007 | Topic Creator
please i really need help
Razz Platinum Sparx Gems: 5962
#6 Posted: 14:33:12 08/10/2007
Whoever posted the Gual strategy, thank you! smilie Relics...? Uh-oh... I have this awful feeling that I've been missing a lot on my first play through. o.O Heh, well, I've made it this far with a tiny health bar and barely any magic. smilie

Beating Arborik (or however you spell it).

He's tricky. Use your flame breath and try to set all of him on fire. Just flame constantly and aim for any part of him that isn't burning. You've got to do it quickly, though. Once he starts spinning, he will heal himself and throw fireballs at you. While your spitting fire at him, watch out for his kick and his punch (he makes a clicking sound just before punching and cocks his hand back; I'm not sure what he does with his foot at this stage, I couldn't see it).

In the next phase, it's pretty much the same thing, only Spyro is higher up and Aborik has an easier time punching him. Repeat what you did before until his health bar goes down.

In the last stage, Aborik climbs up onto Spyro's ledge and you must burn his feet and body. Watch out for his left leg (your right), he'll swing it back just before trying to kick you and he raises his other foot to stomp you. Just keep flaming until he dies.
spyro_lover17 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1398
#7 Posted: 14:39:59 08/10/2007 | Topic Creator
sounds hard
SilverDragon Gold Sparx Gems: 2060
#8 Posted: 18:05:49 08/10/2007
but i haven't that game yet... I am waiting here... 24 days smilie
artiste_violet Prismatic Sparx Gems: 10038
#9 Posted: 18:31:45 08/10/2007
Hey doesnt Arborick remind u of The Stone Sentinel from ANB? He has the same attacks as him.
spyro_lover17 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1398
#10 Posted: 19:11:01 08/10/2007 | Topic Creator
now im havong troble with the next part
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