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Im mad [CLOSED]
spyro_lover17 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1398
#1 Posted: 21:19:43 05/10/2007 | Topic Creator
My dad said now i have to wait til my birthday october 13th to get the game thats 8 days smilie
HIR Diamond Sparx Gems: 9016
#2 Posted: 01:05:00 06/10/2007
And I have to wait until the beginning of November... that's when Amazon is predicting its arrival. =_=
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Sophia_S_ M Blue Sparx Gems: 997
#3 Posted: 01:10:26 06/10/2007
i need to wait a lot of brazil the game will enter only in december!Because this i'm searching for download the ps2 version
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Rexy Yellow Sparx Gems: 1313
#4 Posted: 01:26:18 06/10/2007
My computer's too slow for downloads (and that's nothing that I will do anyway), so I'm waiting for December for the Wii version. Believe me, the wait will soon pass. It was only yesterday when it was announced at E3, right?
Spyrofan12345 Blue Sparx Gems: 832
#5 Posted: 03:29:26 06/10/2007
I just have to wait a long time..... it already came out i think either that or its coming out in a few days where I live (NY, USA), but I'm getting a webcam, so I can't get the game yet...... smilie

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