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(world1 level1) Strategy Guide Page:1.1 [CLOSED]
yokojimoitsu Green Sparx Gems: 126
#1 Posted: 17:04:16 06/01/2006 | Topic Creator
World Listings:
1.-Autumm Fairy Home.
2.-Winter Fairy Home.
3.-Spring Fairy Home.
4.-Summer Fairy Home.

Extra Levels/Worlds/Mini-Games:
1.-Dragonfly X (sparx world / mini-games.)

Key: Sparx Levelssmilie(spa.))
Spyro Levelssmilie(spy.))
1.-Market Mesa((spy.))- You'll start out on the weatern end of the level semi-close to a llama(think he's a llama). Here are the tasks that give you a fariy for each you have completed:1.) Light all of the blue-single yellow stripped candles(should be about 6-7 of these),2.-Help the next llama catch the theif that stole his 'high priced' action figure(wich is actually a fairy),3.-Help Lyle the llama ring all of the bells simultaneously in order(you'll have to ring them in order twice to complete this task), 4.-Destroy all of the remaining Rhynocs(tm) on this level to complete this task,5.- Found some in some proximity(location) of the level,6.-Found in some proximity(location) of the level).
Thanks For Reading!!!!!

ah2190 Green Sparx Gems: 304
#2 Posted: 10:53:58 20/03/2006
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A spam board? Wait, thats where people just post crazy?
Ross Gold Sparx Gems: 2159
#3 Posted: 15:04:23 05/04/2006
Good to see it was!
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Unbirthday Spyro Ripto Gems: 67
#4 Posted: 13:19:12 09/04/2006
That Guide Is Stupid, I Knew All About Since I Started Playing!!! (I Did Not Look Up Any Websites When I Went There For The First Time.)
Toastie Green Sparx Gems: 132
#5 Posted: 05:56:22 25/04/2006
hey thats a bit mean unbirthday spyro! I think its a great guide! smilie
ih8u2 Fodder
#6 Posted: 14:24:35 28/04/2006
to toastie...
don't talk to that unbirthday guy no more, he's a ripto and he can't hear u. he's banned from the site 4ever. i do want to ask somebody, wut did unbirthday spyro do 2 b banned?
Toastie Green Sparx Gems: 132
#7 Posted: 09:17:22 29/04/2006
To ih8u2
that was a while ago that i posted that smilie I think that it was that deleted convo with Dark52 that was on this site... that is probably y. but i don't actually know its just a guess! :0smilie
Umbra Yellow Sparx Gems: 1072
#8 Posted: 08:02:42 29/05/2006
He got banned because he kept spaming, making multiple small posts to get the most post count, and saying something rude to dark52 during a conversation.
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artiste_violet Prismatic Sparx Gems: 10803
#9 Posted: 22:06:20 12/11/2006
I'm actually glad that Unbirthday Spyro is banned from this site. He was mean to everyone and he was rude to dark52.
Dragginwings Gold Sparx Gems: 2279
#10 Posted: 04:29:42 17/12/2006
Ahhh... me too. NOW THE WORLD CAN HAVE PEACE!! I like that guide, as it is very useful. We all thank yokojimoitsu for posting it here.
ThatsSoRaven Yellow Sparx Gems: 1166
#11 Posted: 21:12:31 26/12/2006
yokojimoitsu, please note that there is a walkthrough here, we do not need a walkthrough by you. dark52 will be upset, I'm not trying to be mean, I'm trying to prevent you from getting in trouble.
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Lover of Spyro Yellow Sparx Gems: 1831
#12 Posted: 08:05:23 27/12/2006
i'm baaack!smiliesmilie
ThatsSoRaven Yellow Sparx Gems: 1166
#13 Posted: 00:04:43 28/12/2006
yokojimoitsu, you can post your walkthrough at IGN, GameSpy, GameSpot, or GameStats. So againly, to still feel proud of yourself, post your walkthrough at one of the websites I mentioned.
"We'll be right back after these messages from Binford Tools." Tim "the Toolman Taylor" or Al "Insert insulting middle name here" Borland
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