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Cynder vs. Spyro [CLOSED]
Tango Yellow Sparx Gems: 1967
#51 Posted: 14:15:54 29/03/2008
so why are we still wondering
Dragonfriend243 Green Sparx Gems: 111
#52 Posted: 14:44:28 29/03/2008
Yes the best thing I say is to close the topic.
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Dragon Rider 99 Ripto Gems: 145
#53 Posted: 13:34:23 16/05/2008
Cynder_543 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1277
#54 Posted: 23:45:04 16/05/2008
When you get to fight Gual Cynder actaks Spyro but she was pretending to so she can get Gual. She actacks Gual instad of Spyro and when in the arina when Cynder comes in Cynders said she is not going to fight Spyro and when she leaves she only left because she thinks she dosn't belong hear and her desterne is somewear else. I don't think Spyro and Cynder well fight.
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torok Platinum Sparx Gems: 6011
#55 Posted: 02:03:41 27/07/2008
cynder was fakeing that attack on spyro Eternalspyro
Axel Yellow Sparx Gems: 1975
#56 Posted: 04:15:35 28/07/2008
Cynder left, then they meet again on the ship and Cynder was faking to put on a show while they think of a plan, then she had to fake back with Gaul at the Well of Souls so she could attack Gaul, but Gaul stopped her by smacking her and sendoing her into the wall. Damn gaul! smilie
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dark cynder13 Red Sparx Gems: 94
#57 Posted: 19:08:42 11/08/2008
Quote: zacoda1
in that picture she WAS attacking spyro....our question is why...

cuz she wanted to buy time to get Guals pole thing out of his hand what ever that thing was called
pie1 Blue Sparx Gems: 774
#58 Posted: 12:28:36 12/08/2008
i think it was a staff and that would b a good plan if gaul hadnt smacked her into the wall!!!!!!!!
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