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New Spyro Website [CLOSED]
Spyrodude25 Blue Sparx Gems: 929
#1 Posted: 15:41:55 18/08/2007 | Topic Creator
Hey dark I know a new update to put on the page Seira has changed the Spyro website to Spyro's Lair and you might want to check it out.
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HIR Diamond Sparx Gems: 9016
#2 Posted: 19:57:40 18/08/2007
Erm... most of us know of the change. It's been mentioned in a few topics already. ;>.>
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ThatsSoRaven Yellow Sparx Gems: 1166
#3 Posted: 20:54:52 18/08/2007
I just checked it out, Spyro's Lair looks so cool! I can't wait until we can create a Dragon and do everything they mentioned!
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Spyro Fanatic Hunter Gems: 11938
#4 Posted: 10:44:57 20/08/2007
I saw that it looks AWESOME!!
masterofspyro Red Sparx Gems: 24
#5 Posted: 23:09:35 20/08/2007
how do u get gems and a pitcure
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dark52 Spyro the Admin Gems: 13675
#6 Posted: 23:21:08 20/08/2007
Quote: Help Files
And how do I gain gems?

Every Sunday morning gems are given out, the amount you get depends on whether you visited the site during the week and whether you posted. If you did both you could get a full 16 gems, just a visit gives a minimum of 7 gems but if you did neither, you get none. The actual number of gems you get is random, between certain points of course, so as to give some variety.

And to get an avatar go into your profile and either upload one or choose one from the gallery.
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Ross Gold Sparx Gems: 2159
#7 Posted: 18:29:48 06/09/2007
Would you kindly read the 'Really annoying user' topic in this board.
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