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touch screen glitch [CLOSED]
robby Yellow Sparx Gems: 1513
#1 Posted: 12:46:11 17/08/2007 | Topic Creator
on spyro shadow legacy if you have got the egg spell turn into a egg save it turn off your ds and turn back on and (dont press the control pad) go on to the spell screen and do the egg spell and you can steer with the touch screen yay
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robby Yellow Sparx Gems: 1513
#2 Posted: 16:13:27 17/08/2007 | Topic Creator
does it work ?
Ya rite chaps
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Dragginwings Gold Sparx Gems: 2279
#3 Posted: 23:54:02 18/08/2007
It's supposed to do that....
robby Yellow Sparx Gems: 1513
#4 Posted: 13:03:55 19/08/2007 | Topic Creator
is it ?
Ya rite chaps
Cynder 1500 Blue Sparx Gems: 819
#5 Posted: 13:30:12 20/08/2007
Yeah, you always steer with the touch screen.

Yay! I'm back from vacation!
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Elora Fodder
#6 Posted: 21:15:14 09/01/2008
ummmmmmmmm you stear with the touch screen any way!
dancinkayley Blue Sparx Gems: 616
#7 Posted: 09:38:52 07/10/2008
Another glitch with the egg spell is...

Use the egg spell then roll into another area. Turn back into Spyro with the control pad and then let one of the enemies defeat Spyro. You should then be moved back to where you entered the area but you will be Spyro and be able to move with the touch screen! If I remember correctly you will still be able to use your tail and horn attacks as well as your shield. (You will be able to move normally again by pressing the control pad.)
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dingodile555 Gold Sparx Gems: 2674
#8 Posted: 23:05:06 07/10/2008
That's interesting, I'll try and see that for myself!

But robby, that's the whole point of the egg spell. No glitch there.
Selene101 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1076
#9 Posted: 16:43:50 05/01/2009
When drawing a symbol on the touch screen, look at Spyro. His hands are in front of his face. Same when ending the egg spell. Here's my glitch.

Turn Spyro into an egg. End the egg spell, but right when it ends and Spyro's hands are in front of his face, PAUSE! Unpause after a few seconds. Spyro isn't an egg....................but you can steer with the touch screen. The only way to end it is to turn off the DS.

I also found a proxy jump, but that would be off-topic here.............
Cynder_fan Gold Sparx Gems: 2683
#10 Posted: 21:16:00 20/01/2009
I loved this game till my DS went missing.
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Ice Dragoness Diamond Sparx Gems: 7896
#11 Posted: 23:11:28 22/03/2010
I like the egg he turns in to.
arceustheprime Ripto Gems: 5362
#12 Posted: 07:15:20 18/10/2010
yeah i might try some of these glitches
HammyMew Red Sparx Gems: 83
#13 Posted: 22:10:19 29/05/2011
This may seem off topic but when I'm casting spells on the touch pad using my doohickey it seems to mess up and not do anything and I have to turn off my DS and start again >..<, does anyone else have this problem?
dark52 Spyro the Admin Gems: 12758
#14 Posted: 12:43:50 31/05/2011
^ I find that tends to happen after closing and reopening the DS lid.
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bash fan Emerald Sparx Gems: 4027
#15 Posted: 10:59:36 18/06/2012
The egg spell is alright, Spyro was probably in that egg when he was first born!
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Eevee88 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3842
#16 Posted: 02:48:42 03/04/2013
Quote: bash fan
The egg spell is alright, Spyro was probably in that egg when he was first born!

good idea bash fan
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BashMaster Red Sparx Gems: 63
#17 Posted: 06:00:03 11/04/2013
Thanks, I don't even remember posting that, since it was a while ago!
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