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Dragon Shores HELP !!!!! [CLOSED]
JoJo13 Red Sparx Gems: 25
#1 Posted: 21:07:56 03/03/2009 | Topic Creator
Can Someone Pleeeeeeeeeease help me find these dang Gems so I can give Moneybags his 3500 gems & get the last Heart of the Land !!!! I beat everything else( Thanx to DarkSpyro,I love this guy!! ) but I'm missing 90 gems !!! Help a Mom out please, my 9yo can't find them either, Thanx a bunch.
DARK CINDER Ripto Gems: 1062
#2 Posted: 09:29:29 07/03/2009
i never did finish that game caz the agent 9 mishen was impossible BUT have you used the glasses on the beach to lead to the secret place
JoJo13 Red Sparx Gems: 25
#3 Posted: 12:57:11 07/03/2009 | Topic Creator
Yep ,done that already. I've done it all except finding the last 90 gems in Dragon Shores to give Moneybags for the last Heart to make it 100%. : (
dark52 Spyro the Admin Gems: 13300
#4 Posted: 16:47:54 07/03/2009
In the Sgt. Byrd minigame maybe?
If for any reason you're not completely satisfied, I hate you.
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