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Spyro's Lair Remastered (Project Idea)
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#1 Posted: 21:14:15 14/04/2024 | Topic Creator
I've been feeling a little nostalgic, so I decided to revisit the Legend of Spyro trilogy, and while playing, I was reminded of the Spyro's Lair website that I first visited way back around the time when The Eternal Night came out. I didn't expect it to still be around, but I'm happy to see that the dragon generator from the site was preserved here. Although, as I think we can all see, it is pretty lackluster with its range of customization, and the resolution of the outputs is quite small (which I'm guessing might be mainly because this came from back in the days of ADSL, when internet speeds could have a hard time even with images).

I was curious to see how I could improve it with my knowledge of image editing, so I saved the image files for each feature of the dragons, upscaled them about 4x, and by now am almost finished making a couple of tweaks just to neaten them up. Eventually, I'd like to see the dragon generator recreated as a software that would integrate the image files as layers where you'd be able to change their brightness/hue/saturation values, instead of having extra layers for different color variants of the same thing. I even have a concept for how the user interface would look like in the works.

The coding aspect of it is still beyond my expertise, and although I wouldn't mind seeing how I fare with the challenge on my own, I can see it getting done quicker with a volunteer on board, if anyone's interested. smilie

Here's some samples to show how I've enhanced the customization so far:

[User Posted Image]
[User Posted Image]
[User Posted Image]

I'm just gonna stick to the Krome Studios style for this, since I'm honestly not a big fan of the pseudo-3D render look of the DotD style dragons.
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#2 Posted: 10:55:59 27/04/2024
is a very good idea, and if someone is well capable of realizing it, it would also be easy to create Crash Village, since they were pretty much the exact same thing.
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#3 Posted: 14:52:17 02/05/2024
This is a lovely project! Definitely a great idea. Thanks for sharing it so far!
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