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Spyroboy Prismatic Sparx Gems: 12056
#1 Posted: 03:39:18 30/03/2024 | Topic Creator
I have noticed that some moderators have been inactive for a significant amount of time. I'm curious if there is a set limit regarding one's inactivity before they are no longer considered to be performing their duties. In my opinion, several months to over half a year of inactivity seems like a lengthy period to be considered playing an active role. I won't center any of them out, but I feel some action needs to be taken.
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Bifrost Diamond Sparx Gems: 9988
#2 Posted: 13:46:07 30/03/2024
When the forum's this dead, it'd be hard to get replacements anyway
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ThunderEgg Emerald Sparx Gems: 3900
#3 Posted: 15:04:31 30/03/2024
HEY do you remember my joke topic ://// (this is sarcasm I genuinely would only want to be a mod for the forum flair)
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