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AI Thread
somePerson Diamond Sparx Gems: 8443
#1 Posted: 19:30:10 22/01/2024 | Topic Creator
Discuss machine learning here :)
Bifrost Diamond Sparx Gems: 9988
#2 Posted: 11:59:14 23/01/2024
at least one CEO has gone on record to say they're just a little guy, a widdle birthday guy, and if they follow the law like everyone else they'd go bankrupt

god it can't happen fast enough
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LeewweewoowheeH Gold Sparx Gems: 2336
#3 Posted: 11:52:05 27/01/2024
so tired of the AI stuff but i called all of this trouble as soon as it started as did some others but did anybody want to listen noooooope now look at the mess soon WE will all be AIw
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ArisaArtisan Green Sparx Gems: 403
#4 Posted: 22:58:16 27/01/2024
i hate ai art and writing so much it makes me want to chew sheet metal
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Muffin Man Platinum Sparx Gems: 5348
#5 Posted: 16:30:29 03/02/2024
I just want to say I appreciate the fact that darkspyro uses a font where AI and Al look visually distinct. Never change, darkspyro, lest we fall prey to this madness...
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ShadowMewX Diamond Sparx Gems: 8067
#6 Posted: 02:27:34 05/02/2024
There is a lot of potential for cool things to be done with AI! But AI taking jobs away from creatives irks me like, come on, why can't you take the jobs people don't actually wanna do lol. Current thing that's really grinding my gears is AI's impact on the science/scientific communication field and the way it's increasing the flow of disinformation while simultaneously decreasing people's scientific literacy and trust in science. Trust in science has really been going down since COVID and as a scientist, it scares me. o.p
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ThunderEgg Emerald Sparx Gems: 3900
#7 Posted: 14:35:33 17/02/2024
I don’t like ai art. I wish we lived in a society where we didn’t need computers for stuff
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