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what you get
LeewweewoowheeH Gold Sparx Gems: 2336
#1 Posted: 13:32:34 26/12/2023 | Topic Creator
for Christmas what did you get
YO! thanks for the party and the maserati yall rocked my body but now im gone BYE! skylandersfan60
ThunderEgg Emerald Sparx Gems: 3900
#2 Posted: 16:58:09 26/12/2023
Nothing much but I had a good time with family for the first time in a while which is more important to me. What did you get!?
I AM ETERNAL! (banner by skylandersfan60)
skylandersfan60 Gold Sparx Gems: 2364
#3 Posted: 21:52:48 04/01/2024
Computer + gift cards.
ArisaArtisan Green Sparx Gems: 403
#4 Posted: 07:01:05 05/01/2024
one of my favorite gifts was the spyro game controller holder. my little guy is very helpful :3
drink water, get some sleep, take care of yourself.
SHE/THEY, sillygoofy, doing my darndest.
Iceclaw Hunter Gems: 9966
#5 Posted: 04:27:59 10/01/2024
I bought myself a Lenovo Handheld <:
Twinkies and 2hus
somePerson Diamond Sparx Gems: 8443
#6 Posted: 14:09:08 10/01/2024
A 10 dollar gift card for chic fila a
Muffin Man Platinum Sparx Gems: 5348
#7 Posted: 20:35:15 10/01/2024
A burrito from 7-eleven. It was a gift from myself to me.
Boop me if you see this.
HeyitsHotDog Diamond Sparx Gems: 8226
#8 Posted: 13:46:24 11/01/2024
Hammond Collection Carnotaurus figure
Hey is there anything you want me to bring for the rest of the week and if so it’s so cool that you can do something and just do it like that
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