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What is the stance on unbanning self-inflicted Ripto accounts?
Lunar Gold Sparx Gems: 2469
#1 Posted: 06:42:02 10/11/2023 | Topic Creator

It's been a question I've been curious about for a long time. Normally users who end up Ripto'd, or worse superflagged, on darkSpyro are that way because they broke rules extensively or something to that effect. Other accounts were Ripto'd simply out of a private ask for the account to be locked by the user themselves. I myself fall into the latter camp haha.

What is Dark and the mod's stance on unlocking the latter group of accounts?

Would there be any technical hurdles on the backend of the site to un-Ripto accounts, compared to how the temporary Gnorc system works?

Is log-in/password/email information associated with an account retained thru Ripto'ing, or do those decay?

Has anyone ever been un-Ripto'd?

Thanks for your time!
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Carmelita Fox Prismatic Sparx Gems: 12215
#2 Posted: 03:37:38 20/11/2023
not a mod but i think users should have the option to pay 10 quid to get unbanned. think of the monetary opportunity ....
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