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If anyone remembers Project Frixion...
MiharuW Green Sparx Gems: 345
#1 Posted: 20:23:15 17/03/2023 | Topic Creator
... I require your assistance. Hey guys, it's Miharu The Fox from Youtube. I'm currently scripting a video delving into the history behind old/abandoned Spyro fanfilms, and during my research, I came across Frixion, a film project that started on this very forum. And though it is dead now, it has quite a story behind it that I aim to document as accurately as possible. So I thought I'd make this post just in case anyone from back in those days is still lurking around. Whether you were part of the team or just someone who watched the topic, please share your memories below! smilie
ThunderEgg Emerald Sparx Gems: 3947
#2 Posted: 19:42:59 30/04/2023
eh i remember being an outsider looking at it back in the day. mostly on deviantart. i think it was a nice idea but probably overambitious. really grest example of how much people care about spyro stuff! just the fact that something like that existed has definitely been an inspiration to me

have you looked at any of the active spyro fan-animators on like youtube and whatnot? i'm not sure if the more established ones were involved in project frixion, but it's more proof to me at least that people are willing to put energy into spyro movie projects.

from personal experience, i can say animation a matter of access to resources and time. animation is expensive and time consuming. movie-length fan projects that have little to no funding are really hard to do because of that. especially 3d stuff, which back in the day i would imagine was even more difficult than it is today
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