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#1 Posted: 18:30:23 27/02/2023 | Topic Creator
Verse 1: Spyro the Dragon

I'm Spyro, the dragon, I spit hot fire
Got a flame in my belly, I'm a natural born fighter
Been saving the world since I was just a wee baby
John Cena, watch out, you don't wanna mess with this dragon lady

Verse 2: John Cena

You may be a dragon, but I'm the Champ
I've fought some tough battles, I'm always revved and amped
You're just a little guy, I'll take you down with ease
I'll show you why they call me the Cenation's Golden Boy, please

Verse 3: Hunter from Spyro

Hold up, hold up, let me jump in this beat
I'm Hunter, the cheetah, and I'm fast on my feet
Spyro's my boy, I'll ride for him all day
John Cena, you're gonna lose this battle, no way

Verse 4: Spyro the Dragon

You may be strong, John Cena, but you're not that quick
I can fly circles around you, make you look like a trick
I'll use my flame breath and light you up like a candle
You can try to hide, but I'll find you, handle to handle

Verse 5: John Cena

I've got six moves, Spyro, you can't handle my style
I'll slam you to the ground, leave you in a pile
I'll hit you with a Five Knuckle Shuffle, then drop the Attitude Adjustment
You'll be lying on the mat, feeling the repercussions

Verse 6: Hunter from Spyro

Not so fast, John Cena, you haven't won this fight
Spyro's still standing, he's got the power of flight
I'll back him up, we're a team, we'll take you down together
You'll be left in the dust, feeling the weight of our power

Verse 7: Spyro the Dragon

You may have some moves, John Cena, but we've got heart
We'll fight to the end, we'll never fall apart
We'll use our skills and strength to defeat you in the end
And when it's all over, we'll be the ones to ascend

Outro: Hunter from Spyro

That's right, we're the champions, we're the ones to beat
Spyro and Hunter, a duo hard to defeat
So if you wanna step to us, better bring your best
We'll take you down and leave you impressed.
somePerson Diamond Sparx Gems: 8519
#2 Posted: 18:35:14 27/02/2023 | Topic Creator
[The arena goes dark as the sound of a dragon's roar echoes through the crowd. Suddenly, the lights turn on as Spyro the Dragon emerges from backstage, accompanied by his fiery breath and a confident smirk on his face. The audience cheers loudly as he makes his way to the ring, climbing up the steps and jumping over the top rope.]

Spyro: [grabs a microphone] Listen up, Crash Bandicoot. I know you're back there, so why don't you come out and face me like a man?

[The crowd starts chanting "Crash! Crash! Crash!" as the lights go out once again. The sound of a wild animal growling can be heard as the lights come back on, revealing Crash Bandicoot standing on the ramp, looking ready for a fight. He makes his way down to the ring, leaping over the top rope and grabbing a microphone from the referee.]

Crash: Spyro, you think you're all that and a bag of chips, but you're just a has-been. I'm the one everyone wants to see, the one who's going to take you down at the next pay-per-view.

Spyro: [laughs] Is that so, Crash? You couldn't even take down Cortex, let alone beat me.

Crash: Hey, I've beaten Cortex plenty of times. But you, Spyro, you're a different story. You've always been too full of yourself, too arrogant. Well, it's time for you to come back down to earth.

[The two wrestlers circle each other in the ring, tension building between them. Suddenly, Spyro strikes first, lunging at Crash and tackling him to the ground. The two start trading blows as the crowd goes wild.]

[After several minutes of intense back-and-forth action, the referee finally steps in to separate the two wrestlers. Spyro stands in the center of the ring, breathing heavily as he looks at his opponent with a newfound respect.]

Spyro: You know what, Crash? You've got some skills. Maybe I was wrong about you.

Crash: [smirks] That's what I've been trying to tell you, Spyro. I'm not one to be underestimated.

Spyro: [offers a hand] Alright, then. How about we settle this at the next pay-per-view? It's going to be Spyro versus Crash Bandicoot, in a match for the ages.

Crash: You're on, Spyro. And just so you know, I'm not holding back.

[The two wrestlers shake hands as the crowd cheers loudly. The camera fades to black, leaving the audience eager for the upcoming match.]

[The arena is buzzing with excitement as the stage lights up with Spyro's purple flame. The crowd goes wild as the confident dragon appears on the entrance ramp, flexing his muscles and showing off his sharp claws. He makes his way to the ring, jumping over the top rope and taunting the audience with his fiery breath.]

Announcer: "Ladies and gentlemen, weighing in at 95 pounds, from the Dragon Realms, Spyro the Dragon!"

[The crowd cheers loudly as Spyro poses in the ring, waiting for his opponent to arrive. Suddenly, the lights go out, and the crowd falls silent. After a few moments of anticipation, a loud crash can be heard, and the lights come back on, revealing Crash Bandicoot standing in the middle of the ring, holding a steel chair.]

Announcer: "And his opponent, weighing in at 143 pounds, from N. Sanity Island, Crash Bandicoot!"

[The crowd erupts in cheers as Crash drops the chair and starts jumping around, hyping up the audience. The two competitors stare each other down, and the bell rings.]

[The match starts off with Spyro taking control, using his wings and agility to dodge Crash's attacks. However, Crash is no slouch, and he manages to catch Spyro off guard with a flying kick to the face. The two continue to exchange blows, with the crowd cheering wildly for their favorite.]

[As the match continues, Spyro starts to show signs of exhaustion, and it seems like Crash is gaining the upper hand. However, just as Crash is about to land the finishing blow, Spyro's longtime rival, Hunter the Cheetah, appears at ringside, distracting Crash and allowing Spyro to sneak in a cheap shot.]

[From this point on, the match takes a dark turn, as Spyro reveals that he's been working with Cortex all along. The two villains start using dirty tactics to take down Crash, including using weapons and manipulating the referee.]

[Despite the cheating, Crash refuses to back down, and the match becomes a brutal back-and-forth battle. The crowd is on the edge of their seats, cheering wildly as the two wrestlers unleash their most devastating moves.]

[Finally, after a grueling 30 minutes, Crash manages to overcome the odds, pinning Spyro for the three-count and winning the match.]

[The crowd erupts in cheers as Crash celebrates his victory, but the celebration is cut short as Spyro and Cortex start attacking him from behind. Just as it seems like Crash is doomed, the lights go out, and a mysterious figure appears at ringside.]

[The figure turns out to be none other than the legendary wrestler, Hulk Hogan. The crowd goes wild as Hogan enters the ring, helping Crash fight off Spyro and Cortex.]

[As the villains retreat, Hogan raises Crash's hand in victory, and the two wrestlers celebrate in the ring, with the crowd chanting "Crash! Crash! Crash!" The camera fades to black, leaving the audience in awe of the wild twists and turns of the match.]
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#3 Posted: 18:43:27 27/02/2023 | Topic Creator
Batman stands in the middle of a wrestling ring, wearing his iconic black suit and mask, while the audience cheers and boos.

Batman: Ladies and gentlemen, I'm here tonight to talk about Spiderman. That's right, your friendly neighborhood Spiderman. Now, let me tell you something about Spiderman. He's a good kid, he's got some skills, but he's just not on my level.

The audience boos.

Batman: Oh, I know you Spiderman fans don't want to hear that, but it's the truth. You see, Spiderman swings around the city, taking down petty criminals and fighting low-level supervillains. But when it comes to the big leagues, he's out of his league.

The audience continues to boo, growing louder.

Batman: You want to know what separates me from Spiderman? It's simple. I don't need spider senses to sense danger. I am danger. I don't need webs to swing through the city. I am the night. I am the dark knight.

The audience cheers, some of them chanting "Batman! Batman!"

Batman: But let's be honest, Spiderman is no slouch. He's got some tricks up his sleeve, and he's saved the city more than once. But you know what they say, a hero is only as good as his villains.

The audience murmurs, unsure where this is going.

Batman: And that's where I come in. Spiderman's rogues gallery is nothing compared to mine. The Joker, Two-Face, the Riddler, the Penguin, Bane, Scarecrow, Poison Ivy, Catwoman... need I go on?

The audience cheers, acknowledging Batman's impressive list of enemies.

Batman: And that's why I'm issuing a challenge to Spiderman. I want to see if he can handle the real danger of Gotham City. So Spiderman, if you're listening, come to Gotham and face me in the ring. Let's see what you're really made of.

The audience erupts in cheers and excitement, anticipating a crossover between two of their favorite heroes.

But here's the twist, folks. As Batman finishes his promo, a figure drops down from the rafters and lands in the ring. It's not Spiderman, but a mysterious figure in a black and white costume.

Batman: Who are you?

Mystery Figure: I am the Superior Spiderman, and I accept your challenge.

The audience goes wild as the two heroes stare each other down, setting the stage for an epic showdown between the two.

And there you have it, folks. A crazy scenario where Batman challenges Spiderman, only to be confronted by the Superior Spiderman, leaving the audience excited to see what happens next.
The Superior Spiderman steps into the ring, his white spider emblem on his chest standing out against the black suit. Batman looks surprised but ready for the challenge.

Batman: You're not Spiderman.

Superior Spiderman: Correct. I'm a superior version of him.

The two heroes circle each other, sizing each other up. The bell rings, and the match begins.

Round 1:

Superior Spiderman starts off strong, using his spider agility to dodge Batman's punches and kicks. Batman, however, manages to land a few hits, using his martial arts skills to his advantage. The crowd is on the edge of their seats, unsure who will come out on top.

Round 2:

The second round starts off with Superior Spiderman taking the lead. He shoots webs at Batman, temporarily blinding him, then goes in for the attack. Batman recovers quickly and manages to block some of the attacks, but Superior Spiderman's spider strength gives him the upper hand. The crowd goes wild as Superior Spiderman lands a few powerful punches.

Round 3:

The third round is intense, with both heroes giving it their all. Batman unleashes a flurry of punches, but Superior Spiderman uses his spider sense to dodge them all. He then shoots webs at Batman's feet, trapping him in place. Batman struggles to break free but is unable to do so. Superior Spiderman takes advantage of the situation and lands a powerful kick to Batman's chest, sending him flying across the ring.

Round 4:

The fourth round starts with Batman on the defensive, trying to catch his breath after Superior Spiderman's previous attack. He manages to dodge Superior Spiderman's attacks and lands a few hits of his own, but he's clearly worn out. Superior Spiderman senses Batman's weakness and goes in for the kill, landing a powerful punch that sends Batman to the ground.

The referee counts to ten, and the match is over. The winner: Superior Spiderman.

The crowd erupts in cheers as Superior Spiderman is declared the victor. Batman gets up and extends his hand, acknowledging his opponent's victory.

Batman: You're a worthy opponent.

Superior Spiderman: Thank you. It was an honor to face you.

The two heroes shake hands, and the crowd cheers once again.

And there you have it, folks. A full play-by-play of Batman and Superior Spiderman's epic match, leaving the audience on the edge of their seats until the very end.
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#4 Posted: 19:11:13 27/02/2023 | Topic Creator
Sure, here is a potential moveset for Sans from Undertale in Super Smash Bros:

Neutral Attack:
Sans quickly jabs his opponent with his left hand, followed by a right hook and then a kick. This attack has good speed and can lead into other combos.

Forward Tilt:
Sans performs a swift kick forward, similar to his neutral attack. This move has decent range and knockback.

Up Tilt:
Sans performs a quick upward jab with his hand. This move can combo into his aerial attacks.

Down Tilt:
Sans sweeps his foot along the ground, knocking opponents off their feet. This move can trip opponents and set them up for a follow-up attack.

Dash Attack:
Sans performs a sliding kick that hits opponents in front of him. This move has good range and can knock opponents away.

Forward Smash:
Sans summons a large bone and swings it forward. This move has high knockback and can KO opponents at high percentages.

Up Smash:
Sans summons multiple bones that spin around him, hitting opponents above him. This move has good vertical range and can juggle opponents.

Down Smash:
Sans slams his hand down, causing bones to emerge from the ground on both sides of him. This move has good horizontal range and can hit opponents on both sides.

Neutral Aerial:
Sans spins around, hitting opponents with his arms and legs. This move has good range and can combo into other attacks.

Forward Aerial:
Sans kicks forward with his foot, similar to his forward tilt. This move has good range and knockback.

Back Aerial:
Sans kicks backwards with his foot, hitting opponents behind him. This move has good knockback.

Up Aerial:
Sans summons a bone above him that hits opponents upward. This move has good juggling potential.

Down Aerial:
Sans performs a downward kick, hitting opponents below him. This move can spike opponents off the stage.

Grab and Throws:
Sans grabs his opponent with one hand and can throw them in four different directions: forward, backward, upward, or downward. His forward and backward throws can lead into a combo, while his upward throw can set up for an aerial attack.

Special Moves:

Neutral Special - Gaster Blasters: Sans summons two Gaster Blasters, which shoot out lasers that deal damage to opponents. The longer the special button is held, the more powerful the blast becomes.

Side Special - Bone Attack: Sans summons a flurry of bones that shoot forward, hitting opponents in their path. This move can be angled up or down for different trajectories.

Up Special - Teleport: Sans teleports a short distance in any direction. This move can be used for recovery or for evasion.

Down Special - Gravity Manipulation: Sans creates a field that affects opponents' gravity, making them float or fall faster. This move can disrupt opponents' movement and set them up for combos.

That's the moveset I came up with for Sans in Super Smash Bros. I hope you find it fun and fitting for the character!

Sans's Final Smash is a nod to the popular Undertale track "Megalovania." When activated, Sans will teleport to the center of the stage and summon a giant Gaster Blaster that shoots a massive laser beam. Any opponent caught in the blast will be temporarily stunned, giving Sans an opportunity to unleash a powerful beatdown.

During the Final Smash, Sans will move at an incredible speed, delivering a flurry of punches and kicks to his opponents with an intense, electrifying beat in the background. After a set amount of time, the final punch will launch opponents off the screen, resulting in a guaranteed KO.

Overall, the Megalovania Beatdown Final Smash is a perfect representation of Sans's determination and fighting spirit, and it pays homage to one of the most iconic moments in Undertale.
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#5 Posted: 06:27:23 28/02/2023 | Topic Creator
Sure! Here's a possible concept for a cooking-themed Power Rangers series:

Title: Power Rangers Kitchen Warriors

Premise: In a world where food is the most important resource, an evil organization known as the Gourmet Empire seeks to control all the ingredients and recipes in order to gain ultimate power. To stop them, a team of five young chefs must master their culinary skills and wield special kitchen tools to become the Power Rangers Kitchen Warriors. Together, they will cook up a storm and defend the world from the Gourmet Empire's evil schemes.


Red Ranger - Marco, a hot-headed but talented Italian chef who specializes in pasta dishes. He wields a spaghetti fork that doubles as a sword.

Blue Ranger - Kiko, a cool and collected Japanese chef who excels in sushi-making. She wields a pair of sushi knives that can combine into a staff.

Yellow Ranger - Miguel, a cheerful Mexican chef who loves to spice things up with his dishes. He wields a pepper grinder that can shoot blasts of hot sauce.

Green Ranger - Fiona, a shy but creative pastry chef who makes amazing desserts. She wields a whisk that can turn into a mace.

Pink Ranger - Jasmine, a sassy and confident French chef who specializes in sauces. She wields a ladle that can transform into a whip.

Megazord: The Kitchen Megazord is formed by combining the rangers' special kitchen tools into a giant robot. Its main weapon is a giant spatula that can flip enemies and launch them into the air, where the Megazord can finish them off with a blast of fire from its oven-like chest. The Megazord's finishing move is the Five-Star Final Dish, where it combines all five rangers' cooking skills to create a giant energy dish that destroys the enemy in one hit.


Chef Cruel - The leader of the Gourmet Empire, he is a ruthless chef who seeks to control all the food in the world. He wields a giant cleaver that can cut through anything.

Sous Chef Sinister - Chef Cruel's second-in-command, he is a sneaky and conniving chef who always tries to outdo the Power Rangers with his own dishes. He wields a frying pan that can shoot oil and flames.

Baker Bad - A mad baker who creates deadly pastries that can turn people into desserts. He wields a giant rolling pin that can flatten anything in its path.

Spice Siren - A seductive chef who uses her spices to control people's minds. She wields a spice grinder that can shoot out mind-controlling dust.

Plating Pummeler - A brute chef who uses his immense strength to crush his enemies. He wields a giant serving platter that can deflect any attacks.

I hope you enjoyed this concept for a Power Rangers cooking-themed series!

Sure, I'd be happy to describe the design of the suits, zords, and megazord for the Power Rangers Kitchen Warriors!


The Power Rangers Kitchen Warriors' suits are designed with a culinary theme, featuring a mix of traditional Power Rangers elements with cooking-related motifs. The suits are primarily made of lightweight, heat-resistant materials and are tailored to fit each Ranger's unique style and abilities.

The suits have a basic white color scheme with accents of each Ranger's respective color. The helmet designs resemble chef's hats, with a stylized emblem on the forehead that represents their respective culinary specialty. For example, the Red Ranger's emblem might feature a spaghetti fork, while the Blue Ranger's emblem might feature a sushi roll.

In addition to their standard suits, the Rangers also have aprons that they wear while cooking. These aprons have pockets for storing their cooking tools and can be worn over the top of their suits.


The Power Rangers Kitchen Warriors' zords are designed to resemble various kitchen appliances and utensils. Each zord is themed after a different type of food or dish and has unique abilities and weapons.

Here are the five zords and their respective themes:

Spaghetti Strider - The Red Ranger's zord is shaped like a giant meatball with spaghetti noodles for legs. It can shoot meatballs from its mouth and use its spaghetti legs to trip up enemies.

Sushi Sprinter - The Blue Ranger's zord is a sleek, fish-shaped vehicle that can move quickly both on land and in water. It has retractable blades on its sides for cutting through obstacles and can shoot streams of water from its mouth.

Taco Tumbler - The Yellow Ranger's zord is a burly, taco-shaped vehicle with wheels for fast movement. It can fire hot sauce from its sides and use its massive weight to crush enemies.

Cake Cruiser - The Green Ranger's zord is a whimsical, cake-shaped vehicle with a cherry on top. It can shoot streams of frosting from its sides and use its rotating cake layers as a shield.

Sauce Swooper - The Pink Ranger's zord is a sleek, saucepan-shaped vehicle that can fly through the air. It can shoot streams of sauce from its spout and use its lid as a boomerang.


The Power Rangers Kitchen Warriors' Megazord, the Kitchen Megazord, is formed by combining all five zords together. It has a bulky, industrial design with various cooking-related elements, such as a giant spatula for a hand and a chest that resembles an oven.

The Megazord's primary weapon is the Spatula Blade, a giant spatula that can flip enemies and launch them into the air. The Megazord can also use its Oven Blast attack, where it opens its chest to reveal a powerful blast of heat and flames.

Overall, the design of the suits, zords, and Megazord for the Power Rangers Kitchen Warriors is meant to be a fun and creative fusion of the Power Rangers concept with the world of cooking and culinary arts.
Sure, I can come up with a concept for the 6th ranger for the Power Rangers Kitchen Warriors!

The 6th ranger is named Chef Xander. Xander was once a world-renowned chef who had achieved great success and acclaim with his unique and innovative culinary creations. However, he became disillusioned with the cutthroat world of fine dining and decided to retire from the industry altogether.

After some time away from cooking, Xander discovered a hidden passion for street food and began traveling the world, seeking out the best food trucks and stalls in every country he visited. It was during one of these travels that he stumbled upon the Power Rangers Kitchen Warriors, who were battling a group of evil chefs attempting to take over the world's food supply.

Xander was initially hesitant to get involved, but when he saw the Rangers' dedication to using their culinary skills to help others, he was inspired to join them. Xander becomes the 6th ranger, the Street Food Ranger, and brings a whole new set of skills and techniques to the team.

The Street Food Ranger's suit is primarily black with accents of yellow, and his helmet features a stylized emblem of a food truck. His zord, the Taco Truck, is a massive, heavily-armored vehicle that can launch tacos like missiles and use its wheels as spinning blades.

Xander's addition to the team brings a new dynamic to the Power Rangers Kitchen Warriors, as he pushes the team to think outside the box and try new things. His experience in the world of street food also gives the team access to a wider range of ingredients and techniques, which helps them in their fight against the evil chefs.

Overall, Chef Xander is a valuable addition to the team, bringing a unique perspective and a lot of culinary firepower to the Power Rangers Kitchen Warriors.
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#6 Posted: 22:53:03 03/03/2023
i need a live action right now
Quote: Paytawn
oh my god
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#7 Posted: 08:41:57 12/03/2023
Spyro and Jesus have different stories and roles in the world, but both can bring about positive transformation. Spyro is a video game icon, beloved for his brave and courageous spirit. He serves as a role model for many as he embarks on a journey of discovery, overcoming obstacles and learning valuable life lessons along the way. Jesus, on the other hand, is God's son and the world's savior, giving ultimate hope and assurance to all through love, faith, and repentance. Both Spyro and Jesus set powerful examples for the world to learn from, showing that obstacles can be overcome through resilience and faith.
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