12 Years of Skylanders, Have You Played Any?
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Post a pic of yourself v100
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#1 Posted: 20:47:33 16/02/2023 | Topic Creator
Last one kinda died and it’s been a few years so…

[User Posted Image]
ThunderEgg Emerald Sparx Gems: 3947
#2 Posted: 19:23:18 17/02/2023
i uhh got a little lost

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somePerson Diamond Sparx Gems: 8548
#3 Posted: 23:48:18 22/02/2023
Yassifed 2020 sp
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Thunderdragon14 Diamond Sparx Gems: 8087
#4 Posted: 00:25:46 24/02/2023
man it's been a while i was just a baby in the last 1
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ShadowMewX Diamond Sparx Gems: 8109
#5 Posted: 04:03:09 06/04/2023
You guys get two! First is one of my favs. Second is more recent (and shows off my sick tattoo- apologies for the terrible blurring out of my gf lol).

[User Posted Image]

[User Posted Image]
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Halvmorke Emerald Sparx Gems: 4463
#6 Posted: 13:24:14 06/04/2023
Why not! I've just discovered these topics and it's the first time I'm actually "seeing you" in years.

That's me last year in one of my work destinations.

[User Posted Image]
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