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somePerson Diamond Sparx Gems: 8508
#1 Posted: 17:28:17 11/02/2023 | Topic Creator
I learned from someone that in Harry Potter there are little goblin people who are basically house slaves. And only one of the characters is against the idea of them being slaves but everyone else in the universe is chill with them being slaves. Even the slaves are chill with being slaves

Predators in predator are able to watch other predators hunt through their helmets if they ever get bored.

Wonder woman was created so the writer could write about his bdsm fetish
LeewweewoowheeH Gold Sparx Gems: 2351
#2 Posted: 19:28:26 11/02/2023

im sure that is better then cable least

of courseā€¦.just of course wow
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skylandersfan60 Gold Sparx Gems: 2415
#3 Posted: 20:12:31 11/02/2023
My favorite Harry Potter fact is the goblin bankers are an allegory for jewish people.
somePerson Diamond Sparx Gems: 8508
#4 Posted: 19:58:23 13/02/2023 | Topic Creator
Superman took down the kkk irl. Back in the 1940s the kk were growing in numbers. An investigator/activist would join the kkk to undercover their secrets. He would learn all the secrets from the kkk and report the organization to the police. The police of course were too scared of the white wizards.

So Naturally the guy would go to the superman radio show writers and give them the juice behind the kkk. Superman at the time needed more real life villains after the end of WWII so naturally the kkk would be the next big thing.

Weeks passed by and supermans battle with the kk was broadcasted to the world. And this was back when radio was actually important so soon everyone would realize how lame the kkk was. So those without superman the kk would still be a prominent and dangerous political group in the United States today.
Iceclaw Hunter Gems: 10017
#5 Posted: 15:45:30 18/02/2023
The mountain tribe in Warrior Cats was inspired by 9/11
Twinkies and 2hus
skylandersfan60 Gold Sparx Gems: 2415
#6 Posted: 22:44:50 18/02/2023
ThunderEgg Emerald Sparx Gems: 3923
#7 Posted: 18:23:54 20/02/2023
explain plz
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