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Spyro The Dragon Developer Toys For Bob Teases Series’ 25th Anniversary
CountMoneyBone Emerald Sparx Gems: 4837
#1 Posted: 13:43:46 11/01/2023 | Topic Creator
The Spyro The Dragon series will turn 25 in 2023, and it seems like something may be in the works to celebrate one of the most iconic platform game franchises ever made, judging from some recent happenings.
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SuperSpyroFan Diamond Sparx Gems: 8977
#2 Posted: 19:15:22 11/01/2023
Let's hope they announce a new Spyro game this year, and let's hope that he doesn't just stay as a guest character for Crash.
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WAMBurt1984 Gold Sparx [online] Gems: 2660
#3 Posted: 04:50:27 14/01/2023
Hope so and on Playstation 5 (& maybe 4), it be a p*** take if not to be. **** Xbox, Microsoft and Crash.
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ThunderEgg Emerald Sparx Gems: 3585
#4 Posted: 23:42:16 14/01/2023
it'll be interesting to see wherethis goes! does anyone know if they've hired back any of the people that were working for them before they got put on cod duty? also i am curious to see how this pans out with microsoft potentially owning crash and spyro. dont know a whole lot about how the games industry works, but i would hope it's not out of the question for microsoft to hire tfb foc continued crash and spyro projects
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