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DOTD screensavers found!!
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#1 Posted: 00:19:41 07/12/2022 | Topic Creator
ok so i knew about the spyroforum topic with the screensaver, but i could never get it running (here btw: idk a lot about screenavers but im running windows and my best guess is that this file is for mac

BUT i had the urge to try to set it up again and found out that ello ellis also has some of the files (here:

in the thread, someone links to this on which is the burned lands version of the screensaver (here:

does anyone have these in use still? MASSIVE thank you to the archivists out there!!!
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#2 Posted: 01:51:12 07/12/2022
I had a look through the file you linked and noticed it was a swf scrensaver made with ScreenTime. I assume you need flash installed to use it, I tested it out on XP and got a black screen, but after also installing the one you linked on now both of them (kinda) work. It switches between them on the screensaver selector. I tried messing with some swf converters but had some issues (and XP bluescreened).

I'll give it another look later, but for now a hacky way to get it to work is:
-Install Flash
-Install the scr file in the SpyroForums link
-Install the exe file
-Open the screensaver settings and select it.
It should now cycle between both variations on the preview and will display both.

It seems the installer for the first one is missing and the user just posted some of the files. An easy way to bypass this is to use a swf to screensaver converter, but having flash installed is obviously a security risk. What I think is best would be to covert the swf to a file type such as mp4, then create a screensaver using that. I could also throw it on something like Wallpaper Engine if you'd like.
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#3 Posted: 12:47:28 07/12/2022
Gosh, what a blast to the past, even if it's unfortunately Flash.
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#4 Posted: 21:40:24 07/12/2022 | Topic Creator
i did get the version working on my windows computer thank you skylandersfan!
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