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Toys for Bob Celebrate 10 Years of Skylanders: Giants
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#1 Posted: 20:54:36 19/10/2022 | Topic Creator
As per the Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure celebrations last year, Toys for Bob are posting daily updates to their Twitter in celebration of Skylanders: Giants’ 10 year anniversary.

I wonder if we’ll get another livestream this year?
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#2 Posted: 21:04:14 19/10/2022
Today was just talking about Conquetron... which they advertised so much about at the time... So not too sure.
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#3 Posted: 15:27:21 20/10/2022
rip. i remember the livestream i watched was a bit of a disaster. people spamming chompy emotes (funny), then they closed the chat and were super late i think
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