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The origin of your Username
Bifrost Diamond Sparx Gems: 8971
#1 Posted: 12:42:15 09/08/2022 | Topic Creator
Everyone's got a story even behind their embarassing first name on here, right? Let's hear 'em!

My first account had some personal details so I'm not sharing that one. However, this current one is because I always loved ice element stuff. So, if there's frost in the name, Bifrost is surely some cool ice thing right?

Took a while to discover it's the name of a rainbow bridge and has nothing to do with ice but by then it stuck....
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ThunderEgg Gold Sparx Gems: 2943
#2 Posted: 19:12:23 09/08/2022
thunder -- sounds strong but also somewhat distant and melancholy. encapsulates my desire to start connecting with more people at the time i joined the site

egg -- symbolic that i was just starting out with a lot of things ans didn't really feel like a complete person

i prefer to just go by thunder right now because i feel like i understand myself much better! but knowing yourself is also a perpetual process

i believe i might have done a more in-depth write up on this elsewhere on the forum, but i cant remember what topic it was in
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artiste_violet Prismatic Sparx Gems: 10266
#3 Posted: 18:29:33 10/08/2022
Mine is just ''Purple Artist'' in French. 12-year-old me (when I joined the site) drew Spyro fan art constantly and wanted to become an artist. My favorite colour was also purple (I remember having a bunch of purple streaks in my hair at the time, too). I was never very creative when it came to making up names, lol.
skylandersfan60 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1357
#4 Posted: 03:55:41 13/08/2022
My previous accounts were rejected so I just tried the most generic name I could think of to trick Dark into letting me in.
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Beemo Gold Sparx Gems: 2799
#5 Posted: 03:36:54 02/09/2022
I was really big into Adventure Time back then.

Now, I go by "Insidious" or "Insidigaze," but I usually use the latter now in order to make my name sound more "unique." It means "insidious gaze."

I picked "insidious" after wanting a change; I just didn't like my old name anymore. I randomly picked "Insidious" just because I liked the sound of it; it had a nice ring to it.

I came up with "Insidigaze" after talking with someone about "making usernames unique." "Gaze" was just the first other thing that came to my mind, and so I just mashed it together with "Insidious." I like to think of it as the name of some type of evil rocks or gems, or some type of malicious perfume line or something. IDK; I just liked the sound of it, and for the reasons that I stated before.
Erikatastrophe Green Sparx Gems: 408
#6 Posted: 09:17:35 05/09/2022
My sister suggested it to me. I'm obsessed with the name Erika (that's my real name, yay) so I wanted to keep using it in my username somehow. She just threw out a few random word combinations and this one was my favorite, and also the most descriptive, so I went with it.
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Bolt Hunter Gems: 6113
#7 Posted: 21:10:56 08/09/2022
I’ll give you all a guess ahaha
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JCW555 Hunter Gems: 7763
#8 Posted: 21:22:07 08/09/2022
My initials (minus middle name - yes, I have two last names), and my favorite number (five) three times.

I do use JDCW555 (D being my middle initial) on Twitter though.
Strawberry15 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1082
#9 Posted: 20:56:59 09/09/2022
Quote: Bolt
I’ll give you all a guess ahaha

LeewweewoowheeH Yellow Sparx Gems: 1613
#10 Posted: 20:59:18 09/09/2022
Quote: Bolt
I’ll give you all a guess ahaha

the doggoooooooooooooooooo of course of course i remember the avatar still
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