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stupid questions thread
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#1 Posted: 01:14:46 21/05/2022 | Topic Creator
ever have silly questions about stuff that happens in spyro 1? now's your chance to ask them!

-what happens if a crystal dragon statue shatters? will the dragon die? will it be released?
-how do the castles in deamweavers float in the sky?
-do the beast makers ever manage to clean the pollution from their swamp?
-how did the dragons get portal technology?
-what does the guy doing the interview look like?
-why do spyro's wings get big during the flights?
-what is behind the artisans door? (reignited only)
-why are the dragon eggs so small? and why are there less of them than in year of the dragon?
-the peacekeepers obviously did a poor job protecting the realm from gnasty. will they get fired?

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#2 Posted: 07:36:06 21/05/2022
- When all the dragons are frozen, how is the camera still moving afterwards?
ThunderEgg Gold Sparx Gems: 2681
#3 Posted: 21:48:02 21/05/2022 | Topic Creator

-how do the dragons in the end cutscene know how to play basketball?
-the gnorcs are gnomes/orcs. do gnomes and orcs exist in the spyro universe?
-how did gnasty get the spell to crystalize the dragons? why did he even choose to crystalize them when he could have just nuked them?
-what are the eyes in the life chests? i always thought they were the little extra lives, but reignited made it look like there was some other sort of creature in there
-why do the dragons use portals when they could just fly?
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