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My Idea for a Skylanders x Pokemon Crossover
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#1 Posted: 22:16:52 04/12/2021 | Topic Creator
I came up with an idea to merge the worlds of Pokemon and Skylanders with a game I call "Skylanders x Pokemon: Ultimate Alliance" The Starter Pack will include Ash (Air Element), and Goh (Fire Element).
Here are the Skylanders for each element and their catchphrases.
Ash/"Shock and Awesome!"
Iris/"Let's Wing It!"
Viren/"Fan Out!"
Volkner/"All Charged Up!"
Goh/"Fire In The Hole!"
Kiawe/"Crank Up The Heat!"
Mimo/"Burning Out Evil!"
Cassidy/"Kick it Up a Notch!"
Sophocles/"Sparks Will Fly"
Faba/"Beam Me Up!"
Butch/"Whip it Good!"
Dr. Namba/"Virus Alert!"
Stephan/"Rock and Rule!"
Brock/"Bigger and Boulder!"
Olivia/"Gems the Breaks!"
Roark/"I Have a Stone to Pick!"
Mallow/"Doom and Bloom"
Cilan/"Seed What I Did There?"
Ulu/"Cooking Up Justice!"
Gardenia/"Vine Time!"
Jessie/"A Ghost of a Chance!"
Acerola/"I'm The Scare Master!"
Fantina/"Face the Music and Dance!"
Guzma/"Let's Bust Some Skulls!"
Lillie/"Ice to Meet You!"
Lana/"Off the Hook!"
Misty/"Washing Up Evil!"
Georgia/"Putting Evil on Thin Ice"
Burgundy/"Time's Up!"
Nini/"Now You See Me, Now You Don't!"
Korrina/"Give It A Spin!
Dawn/"Outshining Evil!"
James/"All Axed Out!"
Nanu/"Cracking Crime and Evil!"
Gladion/"Throwing Shade at Evil"
Horacio/"Need For Speed!"
Dana/"Run From The Sun!"
Yansu/"I'm Off The Chain!"

I'd like you fellow Portal Masters and Pokemon Fans to let me know what you think of this plan.
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