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should rittenhouse have gone to prison or
somePerson Platinum Sparx Gems: 7027
#51 Posted: 20:13:04 16/01/2022
Really bored gonna give my take for the lols
The problem with court case trials is that people want to judge them with how they want or thinks the law works instead of how it actually works. Like for example I see a lot of people judging Kyle on an emotional level and not a factual. Not to say that I didn't too because I thought the dude shot black people in a spree at first lol. It makes me feel like the anti vac boomer on Facebook that I make fun of. And what's weirder is that when the evidence started to show up the same people doubled down on it not being true. Kinda like the boomers on Facebook I make fun of huh.

But after a bit of watching videos and the really bad prosecution I think Rittenhouse is innocent here. Sure the dude had a gun and what not but I don't believe he was trying to start a fight. He didn't cross the border with a gun because some other guy bought a gun for him (which is illegal lol) and he only drive like 20 minutes from his house. Rittenhouse also stated that he was asked to protect the property which leads to this weird he said she said thing because the owners said they never asked which is plausible but could also be them trying to defend themselves from drama.

The actual event of the shooting it's believed that Kyle shot a pedo first and then ran away because he's a pussy. But idk the pedo has a history of violence like commiting arson that night of by setting trash cans on fire and throwing it at people. It's not that Farfetch to believe that the pedo was harassing a 17 year old kid. Who knows what happened here but I genuinely believe he was about to do something to Kyle before being shot. After this he runs away because of a mob forming. Idk about you but when a mob starts forming around you in a protest about not shooting black people it seems pretty fair to want to get out of the scene immediately after killing a man.

The next victim of ran up to Kyle and started to beat him with a skateboard while also trying to disarm him. I believe that because Kyle running away it makes it a self defense because he is the one who got attacked first in this situation.

And the third guy to get shot said in court that he aimed his gun at Kyle first so.....

This event made me realize how small of the bubble that surrounds me is with misleading titles and celebrities giving their opinions. You could reword the events to fit your own interpretation of the events and people would believe you. Plus people bringing up race in this event is very questionable. The only part where race was involved in the event was that it was a blm protest. Nobody here was black. Like it just seems like bringing up Kyle being innocent because he wasn't black is a little ignorant. But cases like Andrew Coffee exist where a black man was cleared from an attempted murder of a swat team member.

Like what if Kyle was black and had the same prosecution? Would he be a hero in our eyes for beating the system? Or would be ignored like other similar events and cases?
skylandersfan60 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1006
#52 Posted: 23:55:33 16/01/2022
This game is all about the cars. I love watching movies like Cars, and now with SuperChargers I could really show off my love for cars.
LeewweewoowheeH Yellow Sparx Gems: 1269
#53 Posted: 20:46:03 17/01/2022 | Topic Creator
thanks for the opinion somePerson like Danny had said before and you pointed out there was no way this kid was getting locked up (extrememly stupid or not) when by the the law everything that happened was in his favor i think it all could have just been avoided had he not gone there with a gun but the law is on his side so
pochi - skylandersfan60
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