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I'm suprised Skylanders is winning today's poll.
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#1 Posted: 04:04:20 10/09/2021 | Topic Creator
[User Posted Image]

Not by a massive margin, but still, I was expecting it the other way around.

Personally I had a hard time choosing, but I ultimately chose Skylanders because it offers something I can't get anywhere else anymore. Granted, 3D platformers aren't exactly SUPER common either, but at least they still happen from time to time.
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#2 Posted: 15:28:13 10/09/2021
I'm wondering if people are just trolling TBH

And I still don't understand why Skylanders is considered a part of the Spyro franchise, when it's clearly it's own seperate thing, but there you go.

Lego Dimensions and Disney Infinity probably killed Skylanders anyway.
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#3 Posted: 19:03:53 10/09/2021
206 votes! do we usually get so may votes on polls?? who are these people and where did they come from?

i wouldn't mind a new skylanders game, especially bc the hardware is starting to age. Pretty soon the only way to play will be to use *ahem* other methods.
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#4 Posted: 09:59:52 11/09/2021
The PS3 emulator RPSC3 has a built in Skylanders portal emulator, but the only legal way to get the games on the emulator is through a real PS3 and a real copy of the game on disc, and the emulator is very CPU intensive. So you can still legally play the games after your hardware stop to function, but if you didn't owned the games on PS3 or your PC's CPU isn't powerful enough, then it's going to be very expensive.
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#5 Posted: 18:20:52 14/09/2021
*psst. we're not supposed to talk about that here*
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