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Spyro: A Hero's Tail it's like Sonic Forces and Square Enix games?
Agenger1 Green Sparx Gems: 109
#1 Posted: 12:49:40 20/07/2021 | Topic Creator
I’ve played Spyro AHT, Kingdom Hearts Chains of Memories, 358/2 Days and II, Final Fantasy XV Universe and Sonic Forces. And why my Spyro AHT is compared with Sonic Forces and Square Enix?



Spyro (Cloud Strife, Noctis Lucis Caelum and Sonic the Hedgehog, and too comparing Sora and Riku in Xemnas Final Form battle)
Riku the Wolf
Hunter (Squall Leonhart or Leon and Prompto Argentum)
Sgt. Byrd (Kingsglaive’s Glaive soldier)
Sparx (Kirby from Final Fantasy)
Noctis Lucis Caelum the Cat (himself and Sonic the Hedgehog)
Cloud Strife the Chocobo (or Cloud Strife the Wolf) (himself and Classic Sonic)
Agenger Perseverantia the Penguin (from Sonic Forces) (Modern Somnus and himself)
Gadget the Wolf (from Sonic Forces) (Ignis Scientia and himself)
Blink (formerly) (Blink is like Noctis, Zexion, Somnus, Infinite, himself, and the male Avatar with deep voice in Sonic Forces)

Villains and Organization XIII
Red (Xemnas and Dr. Eggman)
Mecha-Red (Xemnas Final Form, Death Egg Robot)
Xemnas the Dragon (Dr. Eggman)
Mecha-Xemnas (Xemnas Final Form) (Death Egg Robot)
Xigbar the Hyena
Ineptune (Xaldin and Ursula with Maleficent's voice)
Xaldin the Zebra (or Xaldin the Mergnorc)
Vexen the Monkey
Lexaeus the Rhynoc
Blink the Mole (Vanitas and Zexion)
Starscourge Blink (Starscourge Blink is like Vanitas Remnant without mask in Birth by Sleep secret boss)
Zexion the Bird (or Zexion the Mole)
Saïx the Wolf
Axel the Lion
Gnasty Gnorc (Demyx and Metal Sonic)
Demyx the Cheetah
Luxord the Meerkat (or Luxord the Mole)
Marluxia the Flamingo
Larxene the Gazelle (or Larxene the Fawn)
Roxas the Lion
Xion the Lioness
Naminé the Lioness (or Naminé the Fairy)
Riku Replica the Wolf
DiZ the Dragon (Ansem the Wise Dragon)

None-Playable Characters:
The Professor (Ansem the Wise)
Moneybags (Cid Highwind)
Zoe (Yuna)
Zoe (Tinker Bell)
Ember (Selphie Tilmitt)
Tomas (Master Yen Sid)
Nanny Shoutfire (???)
Magnus (Pirate Sora)
Fredneck (Woody)
Flame (Tidus)
Amp (???)
Otto (Wakka)
Mother Turtle (Belle)
Lily (Ariel)
Titan (Randolph from FFXV)
Aqua (Aqua from KH)
Phil (Balthier or Cogsworth)
Peggy (Marlene Wallace)
Bentley (Gladiolus)
Astor (Scrooge McDuck)
Ice Princess (Elsa)
Freezia (Shiva)
Wally (Joshamee Gibbs)
Teena (Shenzi)
Mergatroid (Baymax)

Dragon Village (Insomnia)
Crocovile Swamp (Nebulawood or Mistwood)
Dragonfly Falls (Kilika jungles)
Gnasty's Cave (Demyx battle location in Hollow Bastion)
Coastal Remains (Besaid)
Sunken Ruins (Baaj temple under water where Tidus and Rikku exploring the Baaj temple in ruins)
Cloudy Domain (Space Paranoids and the Grid)
Frostbite Village (Arendelle)
Blink's Snow Underground (Capital City attacked by Infinite)
Gloomy Glacier (Niflheim)
Ice Citadel (Arendelle, Frozen and Ice Labyrinth)
Red’s Chamber (Tallest Tower with Kingdom Hearts and Xemnas first battle in The World that Never Was)
Stormy Beach (Port Royal)
Molten Mount (The World that Never Was)
Magma Falls, Dark Mine and Red’s Laboratory and Red’s Lair (The Castle that Never Was)
Mecha-Red battle arena (Xemnas Final Form location known as the Void)

Gems (Munny and Guiles)
Dragon Egg (99 Dalmatian pups)
Light Gem (FFXV Crystal)
Dark Gem (Starscourge Gem)

I want to Spyro AHT enemies are the Heartless, Nobodies, Magiteks soldiers and Egg Pawns
Huge Gnorc/Huge Robo-Gnorc (Magitek axeman, Nobody Berserker and Egg Pawn)
Middle Gnorc/Middle Robo-Gnorc (Magitek swordman, Nobody Samurai and Egg Pawn)
Little Gnorc/Little Robo-Gnorc (Magitek soldier with fussile, Nobody Sniper and Egg Pawn)
Dark Vines (Nobody Dusk)
Critters (Nobody Creeper)
Thief (Mushroom XIII)
Vulture (FFX Valefor)
Black Bat (Heartless Hook Bat)
Crocovile (Heartless Pirate)
Jupiter Dragon Trap (Heartless Plants)
Spider (Heartless Spider)
Shepherd (Large Body with Helmet in Arendelle)
Goat (Heartless Dog)
Monkey (Heartless Monkey)
Moth (Sonic Robot Wasp)
Crab (Sonic Robot Crab)
Blue Crab (Sonic Giant Robot Crab)
Pigmny Cannibal (Shaman)
Mergnorc (Helinaut)
Eskimole (Armored Knight and Magitek soldiers)
Yeti (Fat Bandit and Magitek soldiers)
Skeleton (Undead Pirates)
Skeleton Wizard (Captain Barbossa)
Ice Monster (Marshmallow)
Albatross (Heartless Bird with Boxeo Punchs)
Gem Thief (Heartless Wizard)
Fire Wizard (Jafar)
Fire Imp (Chernabog’s ghosts)
Phoenix (Hayabusa)
Rock Monster (Rock Troll)
Haywire Robots (San Fransokyo Heartless robots, and too Space Paranoids Heartless robots)

Music of KH:
Riku Theme (for Riku, and too Blink the Mole and Agenger the Penguin)
Reviving Hollow Bation (for Gnasty’s Cave)
Space Paranoids field theme and the Grid field theme (for Cloudy Domain field)
Space Paranoids battle theme and The Grid battle theme (for Cloudy Domain battle)
Space Paranoids and the Grid Light Cycle theme (for Gadget Ball in Cloudy Domain)
The 13th Dilemma (for Gnasty and Ineptune battle)
Frozen Wonderland (for the Frostbite Village)
Miracle on Ice (for the Frostbite Village)
Frozen Wonderland -Eternal Winter- (for the Ice Citadel field)
Miracle on Ice -Eternal Winter- (for the Ice Citadel battle)
Xemnas Theme (for Red’s theme)
Disappeared (for Red’s Battle in Icy Wilderness)
Sacred Moon (for Spyro confront with Red in Icy Wilderness, Molten Mount, Magma Falls, Dark Mine and Red’s Laboratory field)
Deep Dive (for Molten Mount, Magma Falls, Dark Mine and Red’s Laboratory battle)
The 13th Struggle (for Blink Battle in Riku's story)
Strange Whispers (for Riku Replica killing Blink in Castle Oblivion’s basement)
Darkness of the Unknown -Xemnas Final Form Battle- (for Mecha Red battle)

Music of FF:
Somnus (Instrumental Version) (for Spyro: A Hero’s Tail Main Menu)
Starscourge Theme, An Empire in Ruins, Creeping Shadows, and Starscourge ARDYN -EPISODE IGNIS version- (for Intro and Dark Vines SFX)
Ardyn Declaring the War Theme (From EPISODE ARDYN) (for Starscourge Red)
Somnus (for Dragon Village)
Daemons (for Dark Vines of the Dark Gems)
What Lies Within (for Crocovile Swamp, Sunken Ruins and Gloomy Glacier)
NOCTIS (for Noctis’s theme)
ARDYN I (for Elder Magnus’s theme)
Nowhere to Run (ft. Madelleine) (for Blink first level)
Kilika’s jungle and Macalania forest theme (for Dragonfly Falls)
Besaid Village theme (for Coastal Remains)
Moonlight Battlefield (ft. Ana Hatori) (for Blink second level)
Imperial Infiltration (for Cloudy Domain)
Veiled in Black (Arrangement) (for Yetis and Eskimoles battle, and too Yetis battle in Gloomy Glacier)
Virtual Enemies (ft. Jon Underdown) (for Blink third level)
ARDYN II (for the Skeleton Wizard uses the Skeleton to kill Blink)
Infinite (for Infinite, Blink and Somnus)
Infinite’s Second Showdown (for the Skeleton Wizard battle in Blink third level)
Divine Intervention (from Sonic Forces) (for the Skeleton Wizard fights with Blink)
What Lies Within (for the Gloomy Glacier)
Imperial Infiltration (for the Yetis in Gloomy Glacier)
Infinite’s First Showdown (for the Skeleton Wizard and Skeletons battle)
Infinite Defeated (for Skeleton Wizard defeated, and too Infinite and Somnus defeated)
Fading World (ft. Madelleine and DJ-BAND) (for Blink last level)
Encelevenemus -Kingly Compassion- (for Somnus the Mystic Cat)
Infinite Last Showdown (for Infinite)
Agenger1 Green Sparx Gems: 109
#2 Posted: 13:14:39 20/07/2021 | Topic Creator
Tell me. I've played Sonic Forces and Final Fantasy XV Universe in June 2020, and I've create my two Avatars myself. One, my bird Avatar named Agenger the Penguin. And the other, my Glaive Avatar, Agenger Perseverantia is like Noctis and Somnus by his physic appearance.

In Sonic Forces, Agenger the Penguin is one of the Sonic Resistance Army, who fight for save the Sonic's planet from the evil Eggman Empire.

While in Agenger Perseverantia, as an Glaive soldier of Kingsglaive.

Oh... That's it! I'll create my A Hero's Tail, FFXV and Sonic Forces OC.
Agenger1 Green Sparx Gems: 109
#3 Posted: 14:36:13 31/07/2021 | Topic Creator
I don't know with Nanny Shoutfire and Fairy Amp as Disney and Final Fantasy female characters? But I will know.
Agenger1 Green Sparx Gems: 109
#4 Posted: 14:47:38 31/07/2021 | Topic Creator
Trivias? Yes.

Riku the Wolf and Noctis the Cat are based in Riku from Kingdom Hearts and Noctis from Final Fantasy XV.

Gadget the Wolf and Agenger the Penguin are Sonic Forces Avatar characters.

The Spyro version Organization XIII are based in original Organization XIII from Kingdom Hearts Chains of Memories, 358 Days and II.

Have Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy and Sonic Forces musics.

The Guiles means Gils in Spanish, to Gems.
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