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some cool Spyro videos-prototypes and hacks
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#1 Posted: 11:55:47 14/06/2021 | Topic Creator
creds to Hwd405 for the first video, and LXShadow for the second (both on YouTube!) These videos are so worth the watch, but I'll only link a couple because you should all go check out the channels:

Spyro 3 Prototype (April 2000)

Spyro 3 Hacks, Voodoos and Unintentional Deaths this one had me laughing pretty damn hard, well worth the watch (as are both and all videos by these guys, but yanno)

When I click the link for the second video it starts halfway through, idk why so if it happens to you pls rewind, I can't stress enough how worth it it is...oh also have sound on smilie
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oh my god
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#2 Posted: 00:33:01 15/06/2021
oh! lxshadow. i wonder what he's up to. i remember coming across his aht hidden level vids years and years ago.

both channels really are goldmines
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