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What game do you want next?

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What game do you want next?
dark52 Spyro the Admin Gems: 12290
#1 Posted: 21:58:30 03/06/2021 | Topic Creator
It's been over two and a half years since the Spyro Reignited Trilogy was released and still there's been no word on any new Spyro or Skylanders games beyond the mobile Skylanders Ring of Heroes and a few cameos in Crash Bandicoot games.

So the question this month is if by some miracle a development team are making something then what would you most like for them to be secretly working on? More remakes of old games or something entirely new?
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ThunderEgg Gold Sparx Gems: 2056
#2 Posted: 00:27:23 04/06/2021
i know this isn't a popular opinion, but honestly i'd like to see an etd remake that fleshes out the game. so much was missing from the final releases. etd without bugs might not be as fun, but a full-length version of the game would be worth it to me.

realistically, i think we'll get a new spyro game. especially if they're going to mirror crash releases.
Drednaw Blue Sparx Gems: 860
#3 Posted: 00:42:57 04/06/2021
anything, really.

or just do wht crash did- remaster ssa/sg, throw in another spyro game/remaster, then do a 7th skylanders like nothing happened
Spyroconvexity Hunter Gems: 7222
#4 Posted: 07:22:27 04/06/2021
There’s been rumors of a spyro 4 floating about.
StormDragon21 Emerald Sparx Gems: 4885
#5 Posted: 00:28:36 08/06/2021
I really want remakes of all the old Spyro games so I can play them on a console I actually have, but Enter the Dragonfly is the next chronologically so I’ll pick that.
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Lunar Yellow Sparx Gems: 1275
#6 Posted: 01:52:06 11/06/2021
I would personally love a Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure remake, or a collection of a lot of the games if we're lucky. But I voted for a new Spyro game just because I know how much it would mean for the IP and fanbase as a whole. Remakes are one thing, but a whole new game adds a ton more relevance to an IP/franchise.
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Jaggedstar Platinum Sparx Gems: 6143
#7 Posted: 19:41:05 12/06/2021
I'd actually love an EtD remake, followed by a brand new Spyro game :')
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WAMBurt1984 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1317
#8 Posted: 20:15:08 16/06/2021
Do prefer brand new Spyro game instead of remake of Enter the dragonfly and A Hero's tail. There new Crash game, where's Spyro?
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SuperSpyroFan Diamond Sparx Gems: 7687
#9 Posted: 05:30:33 18/06/2021
A brand new Goonro
Spyroboy Prismatic Sparx Gems: 10231
#10 Posted: 07:28:27 20/06/2021
I love the originals the most, so the Reignited trilogy was a gift from the Gods. I also really enjoyed the Legend of Spyro trilogy, though I didn't care all that much for Dawn of the Dragon. I'd really love to see a remake done in a similar style to A New Beginning, and The Eternal Night. I'd be happy with that, or a new Spyro game. I personally would vomit if they were to release yet another Skylanders game, but it was popular, so I could see it happening eventually. More Spyro is always a good thing.
somePerson Platinum Sparx Gems: 6455
#11 Posted: 17:38:02 21/06/2021
I've been playing a lot of genshin lately and I feel like skylanders could perfectly fit the mold that the game has. Make it free to play and have players rolling the gacha for different skylanders. It has the same idea of collecting characters but can make even more money
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Agenger1 Red Sparx Gems: 92
#12 Posted: 17:46:55 28/06/2021
I'll do it with my Brand New Spyro. #wantedblink smilie
Agenger1 Red Sparx Gems: 92
#13 Posted: 17:47:36 28/06/2021
Bring him in Blink Reignitized!
PhotonTH Yellow Sparx Gems: 1161
#14 Posted: 23:53:21 04/07/2021
The Legend of Spyro trilogy are some of my favorite games, I'd love to see them with better graphics, have some new content, build up the story a bit more. Those games could benefit a lot from a remake and being enhanced. I'm fine whatever is next in the franchise, but the Legend games are what got me into this series in the first place. Playing it on switch would be awesome.
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NSane Bandicoot Gold Sparx Gems: 2147
#15 Posted: 11:42:54 05/07/2021
None of this will probably happen, but...

  • New Spyro game that takes place after Year of the Dragon. I actually love ETD so that's fine as is to me, and I would love to see a port to modern consoles that improves framerate. In fact, Ghostie's port of ETD to Reignited PC will likely satisfy that ETD urge for me. It has a charm to me that I feel a remake would lose, much like how I feel with Reignited. I wouldn't mind if a new Spyro game reused the "dragonflies for the rescued dragons from YOTD" plot, except this time actually have 150 dragonflies. Just hope that if a new Spyro game comes out it's decent and akin to the originals. I doubt it will feel like Spyro to me though, but that's just me. Reignited left me feeling disappointed, but I am still very curious to see Spyro 4, if it even exists. Copeland returning would be a dream come true but highly unlikely (also bring back Gregg Berger for Hunter please and improve the voice direction for all the characters to make it more accurate to how the VA's sounded throughout the series prior to Reignited).

  • TLOS ports to Switch, PS4/PS5 and Xbox One/Xbox Series X would be cool too. I love the first two but never played DOTD so that would be good to have on Switch.

  • Personally hate AHT so not too concerned if we never see that again lol (although the soundtrack is great).

  • I would be interested in seeing a port of SSA and SG (they're the only Skylanders games I like, although Imaginators was ok too). Perhaps they could scrap the mandatory nature of the figures and just allow you to select a character on the pause menu instead. Also, maybe the original figures could be used to grant extra, negligible abilities like Amiibo. Again, I wouldn't want to see these games remade as I feel they have a charm that will be lost, so just remastered ports would be appreciated. Activision could probably make good money off of a Skylanders revival, as I'm seeing a lot of nostalgic Zoomers posting about it recently, and it's the series 10th anniversary.

  • Although Reignited didn't feel like Spyro to me, I would still love to see something new and I just hope that the series is used for more than just cameo's in Crash Bandicoot games and selling merchandise.

    In reality, Spyro has never beat Crash in sales and popularity, largely due to Sony's meddling with the Japanese releases of Spyro 1 and 2. With this in mind it makes sense for Activision to put all their eggs in the Crash basket for their "child-friendly" titles, especially with how much focus they are putting on COD. It also makes sense for them to use Spyro for merch (kinda like 80's movies tees you see in stores and how the IP is essentially solely used for merchandise) and cameo's in Crash games, that way they can make money off fans without having to deliver full-fledged, Spyro-centered games.

    Toys for Bob was one of my favorite dev studios, and even though they are still around, the talent that made them one of my favorite studios have mostly left.

    Sorry for my doom and gloom outlook, I am mostly just trying to be realistic to avoid disappointment. Honestly, it's looking bad for the dragon's future to me at the moment, so if we never get a new game, I'm just glad we have the originals to return to.
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    WAMBurt1984 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1317
    #16 Posted: 23:50:00 12/07/2021
    Someone here say Reignited not felt Spyro and say Spyro beat Crash, sorry that b****. I have to disagree. I know not everybody like reignited. I did enjoyed A hero's tail but looking back, it weird and Spyro acting dumb. Did enjoy and like Legend of Spyro, great story. But when Reignited
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    RainbowSkygirl Yellow Sparx Gems: 1891
    #17 Posted: 01:48:01 13/07/2021
    I'd definitely welcome a brand new Spyro, but it would also be nice to see Enter the Dragonfly reworked to be at its best. The original felt like a lot of good ideas, just poorly executed, and I enjoyed it as a kid despite half the minigames being suffering. The story and bubble breath mechanic are keepers, just make sure it's not a nightmare to catch dragonflies (that's what thieves are for). I loved the worlds and can't think of any complaints I'd have about the level design. Instead focus on making a game that plays well, and perhaps switch out Ripto with a new villain or follow up on the Sorceress being shown to have survived the lava. A few tweaks to main character dialogue (anyone else feel like Spyro got meaner than he ought to be at times?) and it could be great.
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    Agenger1 Red Sparx Gems: 92
    #18 Posted: 13:49:27 31/07/2021
    But I'll better New Skylanders. Hahaha.
    Agenger1 Red Sparx Gems: 92
    #19 Posted: 13:49:59 31/07/2021
    Bring New Skylanders!
    WAMBurt1984 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1317
    #20 Posted: 00:57:59 06/08/2021
    Why brand new Skylanders over taken this poll. What's with these people? Is this Spyro or Skylanders site?
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    sans Yellow Sparx Gems: 1176
    #21 Posted: 02:10:07 06/08/2021
    skylanders is good
    WAMBurt1984 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1317
    #22 Posted: 10:55:35 06/08/2021
    Prefer Spyro, never into Skylanders
    Big Spyro & Sparx fan, Lover of Red Dress fairy, Zoe, Sheila, Superflame fairy, fauns from Fracture Hills & Bianca from England.
    NSane Bandicoot Gold Sparx Gems: 2147
    #23 Posted: 20:58:57 06/08/2021
    This is a Spyro and Skylanders Fansite.


    I haven't really enjoyed a Skylanders game since Giants so I don't really care if that series is dead, though a new game would be nice for the fans. In a perfect world, Spyro, Skylanders and Crash would all get games, but I personally think that we'll just be getting Crash games from now on (although, I could see Activision doing something for the 10th anniversary of Skylanders. They must have been on the verge of tears when Skylanders stopped selling as well, cos of all the lost potential for $$$ off the figures, lol. I'm sure they'd like to try to bring the series back for that alone).
    Project_Unnamed Diamond Sparx [online] Gems: 8244
    #24 Posted: 22:18:40 06/08/2021
    Brand new Spyro which follows the events of A Hero's Tail, please...
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    WAMBurt1984 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1317
    #25 Posted: 01:50:41 19/08/2021
    Yes this is a Spyro and Skylander fansite. But it comes Spyro first and his games was first before Skylanders. Crash seem to be everywhere but want more Spyro, don't know why there be More Crash, little less Spyro. I annoying what game company playing at, both Spyro and Crash were used iconic back in the day and now bring back and got well. But Crash got it new game, and Spyro maybe we should wait and see. Mario and Sonic are iconic and still around and have fandom, why I should move on from Spyro, remeber days when Enter the Dragonfly come out People seem to move on from Spyro and move to Ratchet & Clark (Whay happen to them?) Sorry for this, maybe I should put this somewhere else.
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    DreamRealm Red Sparx Gems: 21
    #26 Posted: 22:22:57 23/08/2021
    My thoughts on this:

    The remake that makes the most sense would definitely be Enter the Dragonfly. It was never a bad game per se, it just suffered from a lot of bugs due to the transition between PS1 and PS2.

    A Hero’s Tail remake would be cool, if it meant more interaction/gameplay for Ember & Flame. Meaning there could be some levels where you play as Spyro, some as Flame, and some as Ember. It might give developers a chance to fix the glitches in the game, but that was honestly part of the original’s charm.

    TLoS remake… I personally enjoyed the trilogy and never understood what people hated about it. I guess it’s because it took on a more mature atmosphere, but that’s what I ended up loving about it. A remake, for me, could either take the magic from the original or have the potential to fix the problems others had with it.

    Since it became too costly for me, I grew out of Skylandes, but I do remember enjoying the gameplay. If they were to make a remake, what if instead of buying toys, you could have a starting Skylander and you would have to complete certain tasks to unlock more? Probably would take a while in development, but it would make it more convenient for people with lower incomes or just for players looking to get into the series.

    Now for what I want to see personally, and it might be a bit controversial. I would like to have a “Next Generation” game. Something that’s relative to the franchise, like picking up where we left off with Spyro & Cynder and making something that incorporates their offspring. Something that has Souls-like gameplay or something. That’s only a single idea, though. So with a new Spyro/Skylanders game. The possibilities are endless as to where the franchise could go. I’d love to see what others would like.
    bobishere Green Sparx Gems: 146
    #27 Posted: 02:14:54 27/08/2021
    Hey everyone! I just thought I would share my thoughts on this poll:

    I never got the chance to play the original Spyro games when they first came out, with only some experience with Shadow Legacy on the DS. I fell in love with the franchise through the Skylander games and have gone on to enjoy the Reignited trilogy. So, I would not complain if they did make an Enter The Dragonfly (ETD) remake or a completely new Spyro game.

    My preference would still be a brand new Skylanders game. I understand some of the complaints to this but I see so much potential for a brand new game. If the focus was placed onto the gameplay and story of Skylanders and less on the toys, I believe it would make a brilliant experience. I believe the game could incorporate all the previous games into the new one, not forgetting everything they have done before. There should be a new range of characters (one from each element) to include new-comers, but I would love the focus to be on the fans who have played the games before. If the game was harder (acknowledging that a lot of players would have numerous Skylanders already), more time was spent on the content of the game and there was a lot of love for the franchise, it would really be appreciated and wanted.

    Those are my thoughts- I really hope that we get to see some new Spyro games soon smilie
    Spyro3480 Green Sparx Gems: 136
    #28 Posted: 08:35:42 01/09/2021
    As the enter the dragonfly was treated unfairly i would like it to get a reamake in the future, but i think that spyro should get a new game along the lines of crash bandicoot. If spyro had a story binding the every game togheter, the community might be more united.
    Drawdler Emerald Sparx Gems: 3417
    #29 Posted: 17:46:27 01/09/2021
    nothing !
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