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Thoughts on Glyde
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#1 Posted: 05:59:52 30/04/2021 | Topic Creator
A possible Legend of Spyro successor who is currently looking for a publishing (not expecting any publishers here just like... Throwing that info out there)

My thoughts: It shows some promise but I wish it wasn't so basic asset borrowing but for what we have this is VASTLY superior than Chinbo's adventure (wish I tried and tl;dr it's unbalanced and a massive asset flip garbage grab.)
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#2 Posted: 12:59:40 30/04/2021
I think we had a thread about it a while ago? Probably sunk, development has been pretty boring to follow but it's not their fault. Also seems like the dev is having a child, so can't blame them for focusing on just a good enough demo for now
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