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[SPOILER] What's happened to Blink in the Dark Mines?
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#1 Posted: 19:45:40 05/04/2021 | Topic Creator
According the theory, Blink the Mole found with Riku in the volcanic underground, and fight him in the battle. Riku was succumed to the darkness, and injured Blink with his sword Soul Eater. He escapes from Riku and returned to the Castle Oblivion. Blink finds Axel and Riku.

Why Riku killed Blink? And why?

It's why Riku and his leader DiZ (Darkness in Zero) revenged against Blink with the power of darkness.
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#2 Posted: 12:42:06 06/04/2021
Does the theory come from AO3, by any chance?
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