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Where to get the how to play physically instructions?
yuvalyly Blue Sparx Gems: 910
#1 Posted: 12:41:48 31/03/2021 | Topic Creator
I just found a store that sells the Skylanders Battlecast starter pack with a good price and I went to the skylanders website to download the instructions, only to find out that the site was closed. I searched the internet for days but I couldn't find it. I tried contacting activision support 4 days ago and I didn't got an answer (They didn't responded). Where can I download the physical play instruction? Or does someone have the file on their PC or phone and can share it?
Erikatastrophe Green Sparx Gems: 424
#2 Posted: 15:51:53 31/03/2021
I'm not too familiar with the game, unfortunately, but I did some looking and found this. Hopefully these links will help you?

"You already said that." - Veruca Salt, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)
yuvalyly Blue Sparx Gems: 910
#3 Posted: 17:48:29 31/03/2021 | Topic Creator
The 1st link is the original post from activision about it, but the link for the instructions lead back to the (closed) skylanders website. The 2nd link is a guid for the digital version, I will try to use it if I don't have another option, but I'm looking for the physical play instructions, which also include things like random damage calculation and tabletop layout (I saw it a year ago but I didn't download it), and by the way, should I ask this in the general forum? I expect this forum to be dead because this game has been down for years.
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Erikatastrophe Green Sparx Gems: 424
#4 Posted: 18:00:28 31/03/2021
Ah, okay. I'll keep looking and let you know if I find anything. Hopefully so, or the link I was able to provide is of some help to you.

I do think your topic might get more attention in the General section, but this is the appropriate place for it, and I don't think it would be recommended that you post the same topic more than once, even if it is in another section of the site, unfortunately.
"You already said that." - Veruca Salt, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)
Bifrost Diamond Sparx Gems: 9988
#5 Posted: 14:07:29 01/04/2021
I don't think anyone's recorded the rules on this forum. They were so cumbersome and poorly planned(no wonder, the game was never meant to be played physically) that everyone wrote them off immediately. I THINK Zookinator made a custom ruleset on the Fandom area, but I can't recall if it was just a random post or what.

Even then, make your own rules to adjust based on the gameplay on videos. I don't remember much of it but you basically needed paper set aside to write all the level progress and whatnot; not even repurposing Pokémon damage values and coins is enough.
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yuvalyly Blue Sparx Gems: 910
#6 Posted: 06:38:30 02/04/2021 | Topic Creator
I already started working on my own custom rules, but I got stuck on things like when a card randomly distribute a set amount of damage (written on the card) between 2 or 3 skylanders, I remember that they showed it in the rules but I don't remember how they did it, only that it has something to do with dividing the damage by something. If anyone have an idea for how to do it with a dice, I will be able to complete the rules.
dark52 Spyro the Admin Gems: 13873
#7 Posted: 12:03:21 02/04/2021
I think this is what you're looking for.
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yuvalyly Blue Sparx Gems: 910
#8 Posted: 19:06:45 03/04/2021 | Topic Creator
Thank you! I was starting to lose hope.
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