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Marelover666 Red Sparx Gems: 32
#1 Posted: 05:08:01 13/10/2020 | Topic Creator
Crash got a new one so let's give some ideas for a new Spyro game.

my idea is like TLOS but with more refined and less tedious gameplay, since the combat was long and repetitive and there is nothing worse than a miniboss around every corner. And it could have more platforming. And a semi open world like Ocarina of time.
SuperSpyroFan Platinum Sparx Gems: 7068
#2 Posted: 19:56:18 14/10/2020
I still like the idea of having multiple breath types, but this time, make them have an actual use, that will affect the environment; a bit like how the Quantum Masks were incorporated into Crash 4.

And I don't mind if Spyro has combat attacks, but as long as it's fair. I mean, maybe he can swip at vases? Or use it to push enemies away, so if an enemy get's too close to him, and is about to squash him, Spyro can sort of counter-attack, and stun the enemy, so you can breathe fire to kill him.
ThunderEgg Yellow Sparx Gems: 1329
#3 Posted: 01:22:27 15/10/2020
Quote: ThunderEgg

  1. Golf minigame -- let's face it, Spyro's done just about everything besides golf
  2. In-game character customization

i still think it would be funny to see spyro golf.

costumes for him might be fun, too. rt had cheats where you could add sunglasses, change his color, etc, which was fun. i feel like the ctr:nf skins could be used as additional costumes/skins. (tangentially, making your own dragon with a good character customization setup might be fun, but as much as i want a detailed dragon customizer, i think it would distract too much from spyro)

i've wanted a crossover between og/tlos/skylanders for a long time. it's a pipe dream for sure, unfortunately.
SuperSpyroFan Platinum Sparx Gems: 7068
#4 Posted: 15:54:34 15/10/2020
No. Golf is not fun.

But the in-game character customization, like in Crash 4, now that can be fun.
fyra Platinum Sparx Gems: 5763
#5 Posted: 20:34:00 15/10/2020
What about more NPCs to remedy the issue of only males dragons and no females or extreme cases where Cynder was the only female dragon? It’s the realms of dragons but nearly all the dragons we see are old.
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