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New Series (fan made) Spyro: Legends of Truth
MTaffyM Blue Sparx Gems: 608
#1 Posted: 04:47:47 13/10/2020 | Topic Creator

Coming soon (hopefully soon) to YouTube!
A NEW SERIES in the making! Spyro: Legends of Truth will be an adventure across different times, featuring your favorite Spyro heroes and villains, and will also include PlayStation characters such as: Crash Bandicoot, his sister Coco, Dr. Cortex, J.D. (Jersey Devil), Dr. Knarf, and


Spyro: Legends of Truth will go further into lore and give answers to burning questions, no pun intended, including:

Where are all the other young dragons and females?

What do the gems do for the dragons?

Why does Ripto hate dragons and want to rule cruelly over Avalar?

Was there ever a Wind Guardian?

Who are these Ancient Ancestors Ignitus was always talking about?

What is Convexity?

What was Cynder's past, and why does she now have control of Poison, Fear, and Shadow if she didn't have these abilities before?

How did Malefor fall into darkness?

Was the Well of Souls in existence before Malefor or did he create it?

Did Flash and Nina survive?

Why did Spyro and Cynder grow in age but not in size after being in the Time Crystal?

Why does Volteer seem less chatty?

Were there other Purple Dragons and did they destroy the world as Malefor claimed?

Where is Malefor now?

Who are Spyro's parents?

What and where are the Skylands?

What is the origin of the Core of Light?

What is Master Eon's dark past?

Why did Master Eon name the foundling Purple Dragon Spyro?

What secret genius does Kaos have inside him?

Where do creation crystals come from and what is mind magic?
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MTaffyM Blue Sparx Gems: 608
#2 Posted: 05:00:04 13/10/2020 | Topic Creator
I’m making plush and puppets for actors, then hopefully with some minor effects and animations this future series can look good.

Custom Plush Progress

Demo effect clips for fun (not actual series footage):

Cynder in Convexity

Cynder in Her Lair at the Fortress of Concurrent Skies.

Story, dialogue, and music (including songs) are in work and making good progress!
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