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Ranking best to worst Final Fantasy 1-10
Kyn82 Ripto Gems: 148
#1 Posted: 05:55:50 08/10/2020 | Topic Creator
I go up to 10 before the sequals happend.

1 more week or so and i am probably finished with FF3 as a whole. Took me some years but... i am holding unto this list.

Final Fantasy 1 has nothing interesting going for it. Its just go to point A to point B. And thats it

Final Fantasy 2 is actually legit good. Because it adds the thrill of a battle of getting hurt and afflicted, so you get boost from it. I legit enjoyed that game.

Final Fantasy 3.. its like FF1 except way way more boring (and longer). Its possibly almost in my view the worst Final Fantasy game ever made interms of gameplay from FF1.

Final Fantasy 4 its only liked for the sake of a story "and it doesnt help that you look like toddlers while soldiers or enemies looks like real humans. This is also a problem with most SNES FF games. It just throws me of" So its a miss all the way

Final Fantasy 5 (i havent beat it) But it has good music and works for a adventure game. But it really just sells because of story so its objectively bad either way.

Final Fantasy 6.. Not beaten this one either for a good reason (SPOILERS for this one but) Clown being the main villain. And somehow the stupidest looking game interms of design and how childish it feels.

Then FF7 came out. Thank God! Humans fighting humans in battle. While in overhead view they look like LEGO which is a good design choice. To make the world feel big, but in battle it stretches it out while looking realistic.

The rest follows good and good from there on out

From there on out FF games became good. But the only old FF game that is really worth playing.. is FF2. But really only FF2. Everything else just ignore.

Also some say this was how games were back then. True. But if you want a better old game that i think came out two days after FF1. Play Phantasy Star 1, that one is actually pretty good!

My ranking is this. 1st place is best, 10th place is worst.

1st place: FF2
2nd place FF7
3rd place FF8
4th place FF9
5th place FF10
6th place FF1
7th place FF3
8th place FF5
9th place FF4 and After Years
10th place FF6
willspyro Ripto Gems: 5862
#2 Posted: 06:08:30 08/10/2020
Bimle is back LET'S GOOOOOOO
Edited 1 time - Last edited at 06:10:15 08/10/2020 by willspyro
Vespi Gold Sparx Gems: 2474
#3 Posted: 06:33:30 08/10/2020
hey bimle play FF15 i heard there’s lots of homoerotic subtext
Drednaw Blue Sparx Gems: 860
#4 Posted: 06:46:12 08/10/2020
Alcremie Ripto Gems: 555
#5 Posted: 06:50:25 08/10/2020
ff 14
Kyn82 Ripto Gems: 148
#6 Posted: 08:18:41 08/10/2020 | Topic Creator
Made a video why i think so
Drednaw Blue Sparx Gems: 860
#7 Posted: 09:39:00 08/10/2020
arent there like 20 final fantasy games
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