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:darkspyro: emoji story things because i can
ThunderEgg Yellow Sparx Gems: 1803
#1 Posted: 21:01:14 26/07/2020 | Topic Creator
red attempts to become a confectioner

red the dragon is pacing around in his laboratory. it's a bit of a mess, with papers and gems lying everywhere.

smilie : gee, i do sure love science. what experiment should i do today?
* smilie looks around the lab. his eyes scan around the whole area before settling on a pile of gems. *
smilie : wow i have a lot of gems laying around.
smilie : i wonder...
* he puts a claw on his chin while he thinks about what to do next. he picks up a gem and examines it as the greenish light of the lab warps its color *
smilie : i bet i could so something interesting with these... what if i tried to turn these into rock candy?

* there is a knock on the door. smilie turns around, setting the gem down. *
smilie : who is it?
* ??? cracks the door open. ???'s snout pokes out from behind the doorway. *
??? : oh, it's just me! dinner's almost ready. it's your favorite!
smilie (clearly excited): brazillian pizza?!
??? : yes. uncle smilie spent a long time on it.
smilie : all right. i'll be there, soon. i just have to finish --
??? : we want you at the table right now.
smilie : but i was about to --
??? : you don't want to make smilie upset, do you?
* smilie sags a little. *
smilie ; o-kay.

* there is a small dinner table set up at the center of the lab where the laser puzzle is located. sitting at it are smilie, smilie, the elder dragons, and ??? who is in the shadows. smilie is wearing a sports uniform and appears to be talking to smilie. smilie sits down next to smilie. *

* smilie looks at smilie, wrinkling his nose slightly. *
smilie (thinking to himself): smilie looks especially ugly in that uniform. it's at least five sizes too large.
smilie : how are you liking sportsball, smilie ?
??? : he seems to be taking to it quite well.
smilie : yeah! it's really fun. and i'm pretty good at it, too.
??? : i'm so happy i could find you an activity that you really enjoy.
* the elder dragons give plastic smiles to smilie, who is too focused on smilie to notice. *

* smilie nods his head at his fellow elders. *

smilie : i wasn't expecting to see you all here tonight!
??? : oh, yeah, i invited them over to tell us how you're doing with your magic studies.
* smilie blushes, but his red scales hide it *
smilie : well, i would have practiced a little more if i knew they were coming. i was actually in the middle of planning some science stuff before dinner. i think there's a way we can combine science and ma--
tomas: oh? what were you trying to do?
smilie : turn gems into rock candy.
???: that's it?
smilie : i know you can do it with magic, but i wanted to see if i could do it scientifically.
tomas (leans closer): that's actually pretty--
???: pointless. i can already do it for you with magic.
*smilie shrugs*
smilie pizza's ready!

*they all eat the pizza, engaging in more small talk. after the meal, everyone puts the dishes away. ???, smilie, and smilie converse about sportsball. the guests prepare to leave, but tomas approaches red.*

tomas: do you have any leads on how to turn gems into candy with science?
smilie : well, actually, i had an idea that i was planning on testing out now that dinner is over.
tomas: can i watch?
:red: : i don't see the harm in it.
* they enter the deepest part of the lab *
:red: all right. here's the gems i was going to test on.
* tomas inspects the gems. they look pretty normal to me. *
:red: (absentmindedly): yup
* :red: is busy setting up his science equipment. tomas fiddles with the gems while he waits*

:red: okay, we're ready. stand back!
*tomas flinches and jumps away. the gems are engulfed in a green light. the light gets brighter and brighter until the gems are no longer visible. after the light holds it's strongest brightness, it fades revealing a cluster of gems that appear to be melted together. their colors are all mixed, creating dark and light pockets in what is now a large lump. tomas and :red: stand stiffly as they wait for the mass to stop smoking. :red: turns on a loud fan to suck the smoke away before it sets off the fire alarms.*
:red: looks good so far.
*:red: taps the lump*
:red: i think it's cool enough to test now, too.
*:red: sniffs it and gives it a lick. his eyes light up*
:red: tomas! try it!
*tomas cracks a piece off of the lump and tentatively chews it*
tomas: delicious!
ThunderEgg Yellow Sparx Gems: 1803
#2 Posted: 15:41:01 27/07/2020 | Topic Creator
red attempts to become a confectioner 2

smilie (nodding at tomas): it's perfect!
*tomas grabs for more rock candy.*
tomas: you know, you could probably sell this stuff.
smilie : huh, really?
tomas: yeah, i know a lot of other dragons who'd really love your rock candy.
smilie : well, i wasn't really thinking of selling it... i just wanted to see if it was possible to make it with science.
tomas: that can be your gimmick! dragons'll pay you more for it because it's special.
smilie : hmmmmm

*??? opens the door, seeing smilie and tomas conversing*

???: hey, tomas. the rest of the elders are leaving.
tomas: you have to try this stuff!
*tomas breaks off a piece of the candy and shoves it at ???. ??? holds it, shadows hiding his baffled expression. ??? gives the rock candy a little sniff*
???: smells like candy.
tomas: yeah! smilie made it!
* ??? smiles stiffly and gives the candy a little bite. *
???: yes, yes, it's really good. the other elders are waiting for you.
tomas: all right! see you tomorrow, smilie!
*tomas leaves. ??? stays and leans against the lab door, looking at smilie.*

???: so, you did it.
smilie (nods tentatively): i'm glad you thought it was good.
* they stare at each other in silence. ??? checks the clock in the lab.*
???: smilie and smilie are off to sportsball, so the rest of the night should be free.
smilie : i'm glad uncle smilie has been willing to work with us so far.
??? (sniffs): yes, he's certainly taught you a lot about science.

*silence again.*
???: well, i'm going to go study magic for a bit. you should go to bed soon.
smilie (relaxing as ??? leaves): goodnight.
ThunderEgg Yellow Sparx Gems: 1803
#3 Posted: 23:14:47 11/08/2020 | Topic Creator

smilie walks into her local pet store. she is the only customer among an assortment of animals. smilie is working at the register.
smilie looks intently at some fish.
smilie : can i help you find anything today?
smilie ...
smilie : ma'am?
smilie : hmmm? oh, hello there, young man. i'm in the market for a pet. something... obedient.
smilie : how about a dog?
smilie : ... too stupid.
smilie : they're all trained.
smilie : i need something that can take care of itself.
smilie : normally, i'd suggest a cat, but they're not really that obedient.
smilie nods, holding her chin in her hand.
smilie : that's the problem... what if --
smilie races past the fish toward a caged rabbit. smilie tries to follow her, but is stopped at the last second by his manager.

smilie turns to manager smilie.
smilie : WHAT-?
smilie: turns out we can't sell animals anymore.
smilie : why---?
smilie looks at himself and then at smilie
smilie : why did it take me so long to realize that this was illegal?

smilie runs out of the pet store with a rabbit
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